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When it comes to business, regardless of the type, marketing goes without saying, and not just any type of marketing, but that of top-notch quality. If an entrepreneur wants to get their company’s name out there, they need to think in terms of more than quality marketing. Growing competition in this department (that the Internet expansion has brought upon), has resulted in huge advancements in marketing technologies, seemingly providing an online marketing agency for every interested client out there. Proper marketing, however, requires using proper tools, and there already is a myriad of these out there. Here are a couple of examples of fantastic marketing software tools.

Google Insights

By allowing you to measure search trends by time and region, as well as filter by Google web, news, product and image search, this tool has made itself more than convenient for every businessman out there. If you’re a SEO copywriter or content strategies, you should think no further and start using all the benefits that Google Insights can bring upon.

Google Keyword Tool

On the subject of Google, every SEO can benefit from this one. What Google Keyword Tool does is, it provides search demand data, filterable by means of region and device. The real power behind this piece of software is displayed when using its broad, phrase and exact match types, which can further help you provide a better and fuller understanding of short and long tail search habits.

YouTube Keyword Tool

On the subject of keyword tools, this Google Keyword Tool’s counterpart is fantastic for optimizing your video titles, tags and descriptions, which is great for any Video SEO strategy. Keep in mind, however, that, although tools are extremely important, you should always look to combine these with Online Marketing Gurus SEO services.


When it comes to research and social media monitoring, this tool is far ahead of its competition. Every entrepreneur is interested in what people are saying about their brand, and this tool can do you a world of good. Whether it comes to customer, competitor or prospect conversations, you can track all of these with this unique monitoring tool. Real-time alerts and access to a dashboard allows you to quickly and seamlessly react to all mentions with re-tweets, shares, saved tasks or internal emails.


Email marketing is still quite deep in the game. If you need help with the tedium of sending personalized, targeted emails and text messages to new customers, you can use Autosend to track the customer behavior and send out personal messages to your most active customers, depending on where they click on your website. Use Autosend for free and get in touch with as much as 25 customers on a monthly basis, or pay $39 a month if you want to track up to 1,000 customers.


A large amount of small businesses still actually get customers through word-of-mouth. The plus side to this type of customers is that they are usually already primed and ready to buy your product or service. So, you’ve been considering setting up a referral program? Well, there’s a perfect opportunity to get into this with ReferralSnip, which can help you come up with a referral program in a matter of minutes. Grow your subscriber list or YouTube Channel by 20 program participants per month, free of charge, or upgrade your plan and bring this number to 250 participans, for a mere $49 on a monthly basis.


When it comes to social media engagement, Ope.nr can help you get your social media followers to share, buy, subscribe or respond to a question, by simply adding a call-to-action to the social media posts that you make. The list of important software for marketers goes far beyond the mentioned, but we feel that the mentioned tools can go a long way in letting you dig deeper into the world of marketing tools. Make sure you try the free plans that these have to offer, before opting for paying for a service.

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