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Three Solar-Powered ICT Centres Schools Have Been Created To Empower Pupils In Public Primary Schools


Three solar-powered ICT centres have been built across the country to support Information and Communication Technology in the country. Oando Foundation and Sumitomo Chemical collaborated to make this become reality.

The idea behind this is to bridge the gap in the implementation of ICT knowledge among pupils and students in Nigeria. With the existing issue with power, it’s only logical that the centres are powered by solar. Nigeria is lagging behind in terms of technology and the best way possible to bridge this gap is to inculcate this learning in early education.

The program is in line with the country’s desire to promote ICT literacy through a variety of programs. As such, this program aims to transfer and implement the basic knowledge of ICT education. It also promised to continuously support the government to improve public primary schools. The statement read:

The ICT education was included in the Nigerian primary school curriculum in 1999 by the National Education Research and Development Council but the gaps in implementation are still evident. While most children in rural areas do not have access to a computer, three out of every five children in the urban areas lack basic ICT skills.’

 How Pathetic! It continued:

To reverse this negative trend, the foundation has established 15 ICT/creative centres in its adopted schools, serving the learning needs of over 16,000 pupils. An expansion plan is in place to scale up across 47 additional schools by 2018’

The head of the Oando Foundation, Adekanla Adegoke emphasized the use of ICT as a crucial skill for every Nigerian youth. In a time like this where the world is driven by technology, the least the government can do is to make ICT knowledge mandatorily added to the curriculum. Since it has failed in this aspect, the foundation is only trying to make amends. According to Mr. Adegoke, it is paramount for pupils to be acquainted with the basic knowledg of ICT so as to enable them to compete with their peers globally. He said further that the Oando Foundation ‘promotes the ICT literacy through a wide variety of formal and informal activities designed to enable learners to acquire functional computer literacy’.

He spoke further on their focus, been on the less-advantaged pupils. With the support of Sumitono Chemicals and other organisations like Educate-A-Child, Qatar, they will create an enabling atmosphere to provide pupils with ICT knowledge and bridge the already existing gap.

It’s undeniable that knowledge in ICT is, in fact, the first step in achieving a self- sustaining economic development. It’s very commendable that these  well-meaning organisations have recognised the need to empower pupils and students with ICT knowledge.

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