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Sony Has Sold 50 Million PS4 Consoles Till Date


In November 2015, PlayStation 4 sales topped 30 million and just about year after, that figure now stands at 50 million and this includes PS4 and PS4 Pro. The 50 million figure is for sales to shoppers and not shipments to stores.

On the software side, Sony has sold 369.6 million games till date through retail stores and downloads. The company announced the Pro edition of the three year old PS4 last September and at this time, it’s difficult to know how many of the extra 20 million consoles that were sold since November 2015.

Microsoft which is the main competitor to Sony in the console arena is announced a 4K resolution VR gaming console dubbed Project Scorpio by the holiday season next year I addition to a slimmer Xbox One console called Xbox One S. Seeing as the company hasn’t recently reported on sales, it’s also difficulty to know how many of the new consoles have been sold till date.

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