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Sony’s Next Flagship Gadgets Could Be Unveiled In A Few Days


…anticipated Sony products are expected to rival either Samsung and iPhone.

Xperia YouTube channel” revealed Sony’s forthcoming Xperia event scheduled for April 14th — the banner carries an obliquely labelled announcement about the timing of the event set according to Japanese standard time starting by 4:30 PM.

Xperia’s YouTube banner was less detailed about the forthcoming event — Sony Xperia user-base is hoping on leaks to reveal the actual product Sony is launching soon. Those familiar with the matter suggested a comeback of the Xperia Compact and the Xperia 1 III that flagships Sony gadgets. These devices are likely to rival iPhone’s Mini, the latest Apple flagship smartphone.

Meanwhile, other rumours make believe that the Sony Xperia gadgets could be out of its Xperia Compact — the anticipated Xperias might be new model products in line with its new series. All the aired rumours are centred on any of the Xperia’s flagship products, especially the “Mark 3 (Xperia 1 III).”

A flagship product is expected to be built with expertise — the Mark 3 features a 4K 120Hz screen, a periscope zoom lens, fifth-generation Snapdragon 888 chips, and 12GB of memory, according to Techradar leaks.

There were several rumours about the well-anticipated Xperia event because Sony’s announcement was obliquely broadcast with just a mere banner. Remember, the Xperia series drops a new model annually, so any of the Xperia devices has a higher chance of starring the event on the 14th.

In contrast, with the Compact series, 2018 ended the release of new Compact models, although the device is built with nice features that can closely rival Samsung’s or Apple’s flagship product. These comparisons are centred on the Xperia 5 II 6.1-inch screen display that beats Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and Apple’s iPhone 12.

For contrast, the new Compact series to feature this, 2021, is expected to come with a 5.5-inch screen display expected to rival the iPhone Mini because the screen’s inches are bigger than that of the iPhone, conforming to rumours.

Shockingly, Sony releases gadgets outside the list of expected devices, and then the forthcoming Xperia event will be well anticipated. The two-listed flagship product is still rumoured to launch with headphone jacks.

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