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Genesys Tech Hub Moves To Promote Tech Ideas To Boost Economy In South-East


At the just-concluded event, GenesysIGNITE 2017 which took place at Enugu State, Nigeria, where a number of technology hubs converged, some experts have revealed that technology, if properly harnessed is a powerful tool to redirect the economic status of the country, with a focus on the South-East region.

Growing economies in the western world have always attributed their successes to the implementation of technology to handle certain tasks. While a number of jobs still human touch, we cannot deny the fact that the use of technology in virtually every sector has a good impact on a country’s economy. Technology in this sense could refer to electronic technology, industrial and manufacturing technology, educational technology, and communications technology. There has been a transformation from the old-fashioned to the modern. Although technology can be complex, many are super simple to control and if they are properly utilized in the different sectors I mentioned, it will be very beneficial to the country at large.

The event was in collaboration with CFAtech.ng and it saw three start-ups walk away with cheques of $10,000 each.

Ken Nnamani, former president of the Senate was in attendance and he emphasised the need for the region to strategize the technology tools properly for the benefit of the region. He placed his focus on tertiary institutions. Accordingly, he said that the departments should be equipped with skilled manpower and the appropriate equipment to aid undergraduates to be fit for the given purposes in their career.

He commended the paradigm shift of the organisers from ‘election ballot box snatching to technological evolution in the region’. He expressed gratitude to the organisers and faith in the youths as he believes that in the near future, the region could compete with the Silicon Valley.

The Founder and CEO of Genesys Tech Hub, Kingsley Eze, revealed the key objectives of the event as a ground to discuss technology trends and means by which the various sectors in the region could be improved.  This way, the organisation is promoting business ideas and solutions with which the region can thrive.

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, the Minister of Science and Technology affirmed it all in his speech. ‘Any nation that produces science and technology experts is always the toast of the world. Genesys is doing what the government has in mind with regard to youth development- capacity building, incubation, providing venture capitals’.

He said further that the government will support the initiative with the required tools, such as internet connectivity in tertiary institutions and sponsor professional training to help fuel the tech revolution in the region.

More and more countries are increasingly using technology to stay competitive and improve the lives of their citizens. Notably, it doesn’t stop at buying the equipment; technology is dynamic, hence, the need to keep moving with the trend.

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