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SpaceX And NASA Launch A Rocket Into The International Space Station


Amid full commitment to continue exploring space, NASA and SpaceX successfully launched Crew Dragon to the International Space Station. The spacecraft that took off on Sunday at the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center recorded the first operational commercial crew space mission NASA embarked on using a spacecraft invented by a private company.

As at 4:30 p.m. the astronauts arrived at Kennedy Space Center – the SpaceX Crew Dragon embarked on a 27-hour space flight and took off at exactly 7:27 p.m. eastern time which is equivalent to 00:27 GMT. They are expected to dock at the International Space Station on Monday at approximately 11 p.m. An hour after the take-off, SpaceX mission control confirmed that the crew onboard the spacecraft is doing great after the Mission Commander Mike Hopkins said “that was one heck of a ride” and he assured his crew are still full with energy and enthusiasm.

Mike Hopkins as the Mission Commander, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker are three astronauts representing NASA, and Soichi Noguchi the Japanese astronaut on his third trip to space – were the crew of astronauts onboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The viewers present in Cape Canaveral to witness the SpaceX’s crew dragon wore lots of smiles on their faces that signified a great deal. At the same time, the unchanged credit about the Crew Dragon capsule to have been designed with its resilient proficiencies’ of being able to withstand a series of thruster firings.

Prior to Sunday’s take-off, SpaceX Crew Dragon was supposed to leave for space on Saturday. Still, due to security reasons based on the forecasted blustery wind weather rescheduled the launch for the next day – NASA officials noted that the spacecraft has to avoid complications to ensure it is reusable.

Meanwhile, Jay Aranha, the SpaceX mission operator, representing the rocket company headquarters in Hawthorne, California; he reached out with the intent to motivate the mission commander and his crew. Jay said: “have an amazing trip, and know that we are all for one.”

“To all the people at NASA and SpaceX, by working together through these difficult times, you have inspired the nation and the world – and now it’s time for us to do our part Crew 1 for all,” Mission commander Mike Hopkins said in response to Jay Aranha.

The US Vice President was also live at Cape Canaveral to experience the level of science his country has attained. He also noted that the US President Donald Trump would be pleased just as Americans have “renewed our commitment to lead human space exploration.”

 It is quite encouraging to see top government officials recognize events like this which makes it more recognizable. In contrast, Joe Biden (US President-Elect) acknowledged the event as a testament to the power of science, via a tweet.

The space trip Mike Hopkins led was tagged the ‘First Private Mission’ because, over the years of travelling to space, NASA has been the only agency controlling the space programs – the commercial spacecraft is invented, operated and owned by a private unit.

SpaceX has continually been responsive in creating a standardized space reputation. As of August, they successfully launched a trial program that also turned out to be the first rocket launch on American soil in nine years, American astronauts has been using Russian space vehicles to travel to space.

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