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Spotify Is testing An In-App “Create Podcast’ Button


Spotify is apparently exploring new ways to grow its podcasts platform, evident by a button it is testing that allows users to create podcasts.

This new button in its app, spotted by the researcher and tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong—who has scooped numerous upcoming updates to popular apps by reverse-engineering them to preview features still in testing mode, found that Spotify is testing a button on its mobile app’s podcasts library labeled “Create podcast.” is located in Spotify’s podcasts library.

It reads  “Create Podcast,” and when tapped, it will launch the Anchor app on a phone (if already installed) or load a page about the app—Anchor, a podcast technology company, Spotify acquired earlier this year amid an acquisition spree that also saw it snap up Gimlet Media, which produces popular podcasts like Reply All and Crimetown. The app makes it easy to create a podcast – and that includes recording podcasts – directly from a phone. Spotify also owns a company called Soundtrap, which makes podcast editing software.

Anchor, is considered more casual counterpart to Soundtrap, which is spotify recent acquisition in the business of more professional podcast production software geared towards a studio environment. Spotify wrote that “We are always testing new products and experiences to improve the overall Spotify experience. Some tests will eventually make way for upgrades to our product, others are only tests. We have no further news to share at this time.” So, the emergence of a Create Podcast button isn’t exactly a shock. It’s still interesting, nonetheless, because the idea of being able to record, edit, and upload podcasts on the go, while using only Spotify apps, could be a dream come true for people itching to try podcasting themselves.

Hopefully this feature hits distribution soon, so we can all resume laying an elaborate, years-long trail of things we’ve said online with a renewed vigor and indisputable audio evidence. People do this with live video using apps like Facebook and Instagram and YouTube, so why can’t you with podcasts, too?

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