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What Do You Understand By SSL Connection Error and How To Fix It


Did you know more than 70% of websites use an SSL certificate?

That is a massive rise since just several years ago, about 7% of websites globally used SSL error certificates. However, most internet users have noticed the SSL connection error shown when entering a website. At times this SSL error might seem with a distinct message, such as Your connection is not private.

What Is SSL?

The meaning of SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

It is used to build a safe connection among the client and the server, which share data. This data is secured using two keys – a private one and a public one. Public access is available for everyone to read. But the private one can only get the message. When a website has an SSL error symbol, you will see “https://” in front of the domain name, rather than the classic “http://.”

This proves that your connection is more secured and safe. And any data you enter into the website is protected to deter theft.

What Is A SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate assures the user that the data sent over a website is safe and encrypted. SSL certificates hold data about the website’s domain, the owner’s address, and other related data.

These certificates can be purchased when someone starts a website. And they help develop trust with internet users or clients.

Why Does The SSL Connection Error Arise?

The SSL connection error is quite typical, and many factors can create it. Sometimes the issue is seen on the server hosting the website. In other states, the problem might be found on the user’s end.

This error can seem for a few of reasons, such as:

  • Having a browser issue
  • An antivirus program or firewall might block the way to a website
  • The date and time of the computer striving to enter the website is wrong
  • Holding an untrusted SSL certificate
  • The website might contain insecure information
  • The SSL certificate might have the incorrect information

These are just a few of the causes why the untrusted certificate error might arise. You should also know that such errors can be unstable. You can be blocked from seeing a website today, but tomorrow you will be capable of visiting it just fine.

This SSL error is not certainly distinct to a website or browser either. You can see it in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Users report noticing this error in many websites such as Gmail, Google, or even Reddit.

How To Fix This SSL Connection Error

There are many solutions to this issue, relying on the cause why it arrives.

For instance, you can jerk something in your browser to make the error go off. You can also modify settings in the WordPress floor if that is where the error arises. You can even jerk your Android phone since this issue is pretty common there too.

Let us see some solutions to fix the SSL connection error.

  1. Set The Time And Date
  2. Jerk Your Browser
  3.  Reinstall the SSL Certificate
  4.  Set Mixed Content Errors
  5. Enforce SSL Connection
  6. Eradicate Malware using Malwarebytes
  7. Disable Antivirus/Firewall
  8. Use System Restore
  9. Use A Another Wi-Fi Connection
  10. Reset Your Android phone


Having the SSL error is not the end of the world for your website. However, several aspects can let it. There are various things you can seek to fix it. To read more about SSL error and get one at a reasonable price, check out our web page on SSL error certificates. I hope this article guided you. Drop your reviews in the comment box. 


Author info

Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at ebuilderz.com, He is an Award-Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.







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