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Startups Should Outsource Digital Marketing: 5 Reasons Why


In this era of the internet, it is very crucial for businesses to establish a digital marketing strategy. Almost everyone spends a significant amount of time online. If a business is to build awareness with the modern consumer, digital marketing is the way to go.

However, digital marketing can be tricky and complicated especially for a business that is just starting. It takes time, money, effort, and expertise to put together a killer digital marketing strategy. In addition, competition is tough out there. Every business is struggling to get a share in the digital space. You will need a good strategy if you are to set your business apart and be heard amidst all the noise.

You’ll agree that all this can be overwhelming for a startup. That is why outsourcing the job to the experts is a viable option here.

Many businesses have taken that route, and here are 5 reasons that you should too.

  1. It is less risky

Digital marketing involves a lot of expertise. It might appear easy, but even the most little detail such as determining the image size of each social media page requires a touch of an expert if you are to achieve a successful strategy. In other words, it can be too risky to gamble with any aspect of the strategy.

When hiring someone internally, you will be hiring them based on what is written on their resume. The probability that they don’t know much about digital marketing is lurking. Remember that you are working on a strict budget. This person requires a salary at the end of the day. In addition, putting together a digital marketing campaign takes money as well. You stand to lose a lot if it turns out that this individual doesn’t have the expertise.

Outsourcing the services saves you the headache of hiring and firing, as well as risking your business reputation with shady campaigns. Besides, looking at an agency’s previous works tells you what to expect.

  1. Enhances international brand awareness efforts

Technological advancements are making it easy for businesses to sell their products in international markets. However, succeeding in those markets takes more than just placing your products there. There is a need to increase awareness for your business in those markets. 

If handling digital marketing internally is overwhelming in the local market, it can be twice as hard in international markets. Your best bet is to outsource your digital marketing to local agencies in those markets. These agencies are knowledgeable in the local culture and languages. They are positioned to build a strategy that resonates with the people to help you popularize your business the right way.

However, finding these experts can be overwhelming in a foreign country. You need the help of a professional employer organization. A reputable PEO company can help you with contracting a local agency compliantly with or without establishing a legal entity. ( If you’d like to have some examples, read these PEO reviews.)

  1. Marketing agencies know the best tools to use

There are a plethora of digital marketing tools out there. The success of a digital marketing strategy largely depends on the set of tools used to build it. However, choosing the right tools for your campaigns can be tricky for you. In addition, your budget could limit your access to the latest technology.

Marketing agencies not only possess the latest technology for digital marketing, they are also well versed in using different tools. They are in the best position to know which tools will work best for your digital campaigns.

  1. It lets you keep up with the latest trends

Digital marketing trends change at a very rapid rate. If you are handling digital marketing internally, it is easy to be bypassed by upcoming trends owing to the fact that your mind has other things to take care of. This can be tricky in this digital era, and you might end up being the laughing stock on the internet for using outdated trends.

The work of a marketing agency is nothing else but marketing. They have to keep up with the marketing trends if they are to survive in the industry. Hiring them assures you that they are employing the latest trends in your campaigns.

  1. It saves you time

Running a business involves having your mind and hands-on so many other things. You have to think about improving your products, customer service, investors, and hiring the right talents among other things. Getting digital marketing out of your plate means one less thing to think about. Considering that digital marketing takes more time than you can think of, outsourcing it allows you to channel this precious time to more critical aspects of your business.


As a startup, you need to fast-track acquiring customers for your business in order to build a strong foundation. Digital marketing is one way to get you there. However, digital marketing isn’t just tweeting twice a week or creating blog posts every now and then. It takes much more for a digital marketing campaign to be successful. Instead of gambling with the strategy’s success, leaving it to the experts is a sure bet.

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