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Subscriber base grows in Nigeria but challenges remain


The number of telecom subscribers in Nigeria has now grown to about 134 million people. If we go by the recent populations figures of about 170 million citizens and residents, it means this nearly everyone is connected right? But not exactly.
You see in Nigeria, many phone users won at least two active voice lines and in some cases 1 data sim card for internet. You can do the math because with the 134 million figure, it means the teledensity rate is about 96%.

Good news
According to the NCC (Nigerian communications commission), there were an additional 1.3 million lines in September alone and this is a good news. It shows the telecom appreciation is growing among Nigerians and will only to continue to grow. According to a breakdown by the NCC, GMS providers had 131 million, CDMA providers had 2.4 million while fixed/landlines were 190k.

With this phenomenal growth, investments by providers has not been seen as proportional. Challenges of remote coverage and quality of service remain. The quality of calls has deteriorated on some networks in specific areas. Recently MTN users have been complaining of lack of clarity in calls or high rate of dropped calls.

Please refer to an article by Mr. Paul Balo on this

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