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Review: The Newly Announced Surface Laptop By Microsoft Cannot Be Repaired


Product manufacturing is changing really quickly. Back in the day, computers and other gadgets were repairable but this is not the case with the Microsoft Surface Laptop.

Microsoft recently launched the new Surface Laptop as an alternative to Chromebooks used in classrooms by consumers and business users with admirable and unconventional features: Windows hello facial recognition camera, 13-inch screen, new chrome OS plus alternative Windows IOS, up to 16 GIG Ram, 14.5 hours of battery life and a whooping price starting at $999. At the time of release, Microsoft offered a $49 upgrade from Windows IOS for the full Windows 10Pro.

However, amidst the laudable effort of Microsoft in the production of the high tech product, there has been a recent claim by techies at IFixit that the said laptop cannot undergo repair. In fact, a trial at doing this will inflict a lot of damage. In their opinion, “it is a glue filled monstrosity’. Contrary to what Microsoft claimed at its launch, the tech product neither be repaired or upgraded what this implies is that should the product develop any fault whatsoever, it should be disposed of.

To begin with, there are no screws to hold the parts together; instead there are clips and these clips turned out to be extremely weak. At this point, they knew the journey to dissemble the product would be futile. So IFixit, (the industry standard for computer repair), has scored the Surface Laptop 0/10 in terms of reparability.

To an extent, it may be conclusive that Microsoft doesn’t intend for the part of the  Surface Laptop to be disengaged no matter the circumstances. Unlike the other tech products, it was revealed that the CPU, RAM,  and the SDD are fused together.

Other users have affirmed the rep arability issue. Despite having faults while still under a warranty, instead of a repair, the laptops were simply replaced. It can also be that the non removable battery contributes largely to the reparability aspect of the Surface Laptop.

Will you downgrade the Surface Laptop for lack of repairability?


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