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3 Key Advantages of Surround Sound Systems


Surround sound is the epitome of audio luxury. Whatever your preferences, whether film, music, or everything, you will, without a doubt, benefit from surround sound systems. Not convinced? Here are 3 advantages to illuminate things.

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The best homes in the world have one thing in common — actually, they may have more than one, but this is a big one: they’re paired with surround sound systems. Surround sound makes everything more enjoyable; a surround sound experience is better than watching the big game in the stadium, the latest blockbuster in the theater, or listening to the greats in the concert hall.

The magic of surround sound systems is that they provide richer tones, treble and bass than alternatives. When you turn the system on, you’re immediately transported as you become immersed in sound. Whereas one second ago you were in your living room, the next you’re in the USS Enterprise, Pandora, Yankee Stadium, or any other place you can imagine.

As to the how, here’s how it all comes together:

  • You, the listener, are in the center
  • A center speaker is placed directly in front of you, above or below the television —> this provides the soundtrack and dialogue
  • Left and right front channels are placed at -30° and 30° in front of you —> these provide the musical score and sound effects
  • Rear left and right channels are placed at -110° and 110° behind you —> these provide additional sound effects to enhance the atmosphere and ambiance
  • The subwoofer is placed near the television at -22° or 22° in front of you —> this adds the bass we all know and love

This is the typical 5.1 surround sound system setup. Each speaker (or channel) adds a 1 and the subwoofer provides the 0.1 to create the full 5.1 sound. Additional two and four speakers can also be added for 7.1 and 9.1 sound, which isn’t necessary, but will undoubtedly lead to even more superior sound.

And now we arrive at the key advantages that surround sound systems provide.

1: You Will Experience the Best Music

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Seeing as how surround sound acts like a cocoon that provides 360° of sound, one of the key advantages of surround sound systems is that you will experience the best music that rivals being physically present at any concert venue.

Whereas sound quality in a venue depends on your seat and the equipment used, a surround sound setup will always produce top-notch music. This is especially true with systems like HEOS by Denon, which have high resolution audio support that make you feel as if you’re sitting in the recording studio with your favorite artists.

Not only do you hear everything the way it was meant to be heard, but you also have the added bonus of intimately feeling the bass drop, adding even more to your experience.

2: You Will Experience the Best Movies and Television

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Let’s paint a scenario to exemplify why surround sound produces the best film and television experiences:

  • You’re watching something suspenseful, something that has you at the edge of your seat
  • You’re watching the screen intently when you start hearing someone — or something — creeping up behind you
  • You start to sweat as the footsteps get closer and closer
  • You suddenly hear a piercing scream as if its owner is directly to your side
  • As you calm yourself by taking deep breaths, the footsteps turn into running and you hear them pass you by and go into the beyond

When it comes to film or TV, surround sound places you smack in the middle of the action — you’re always front and center, ready to experience everything as if you were actually there.

3: You Will Experience the Best Video Games

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Gamers come in all shapes and sizes — from youngsters playing their first video game, to retirees who’ve been playing for the better part of 50 years. Something they can all agree on is that a game’s audio can make the difference between an okay game and an amazing one.

Whether it’s the classic Mario Bros. theme song, Halo’s, or the sound of machine gun firing around you, a video game’s musical score and sound effects complete the experience. Even more than TV or a movie, video games benefit from surround sound because you’re actually partaking in the action.

For example, when you’re playing the latest Call of Duty shooter and you hear something behind you, you better turn around that instant because you know that there’s someone there ready to take you out. In other words, surround sound completes the video game experience by allowing you to literally immerse yourself in the action even further.

Final Thoughts and TL;DR

Convinced on the superiority of surround sound systems? Whether yes or no, here’s what we covered today (all over again) to either solidify your convictions or change your mind and make you finally see the light of surround sound:

  • The best homes have many things in common, one of which is surround sound
  • Surround sound comes in a couple of options, but the most popular setups you’ll encounter are 5.1, with a center speaker, left and right front channels, left and right rear speakers, and a subwoofer for the extra 0.1
  • Surround sound acts like a cocoon that provides 360° of music and goes even further by dropping the bass when it’s needed most
  • Surround sound places you smack in the middle of the action, as if you were actually there
  • Surround sound completes the video game experience by allowing you to immerse yourself even further


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