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Tap On A Web Link, Open Result In App On Android. This Is What Instant App Does, Learn More Here


One of the announcement made by Google yesterday besides the Google Home which is hitting the news cycles is Android Instant App. This is a new experiment by Google that will launch an application instantly without the user having to install the app on Android devices. using the example in the attached video, you can click on a link and instead of it opening in one of your favourite browsers, it takes you  directly where the information is within that company’s app.

Instant apps

This has the potential of increasing the number of installs of an app because the information you open within the Instant App would disappear and be cached for a few hours after which you might have to go over the same process again. In the mean time though, there’ll be a link to installing the app and considering the over one billion devices running on Android, this has a huge potential. Android Instant AppsNot everyone wants to install the app of a service they frequently don’t use and this could be a solution for this category of people who are  torn between not installing an app and having to use a service within an app at the time. Most apps offer more secure services like payment and bookings more than web results.

Right now, the project is in the works and is open to developers who have built an existing Android  app and not those planning to build a new one.

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