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The Ban On Some Tech Gadgets Inflight On Etihad Flights To The US Has Been Lifted


Are you a traveler and you easily get bored on flight?? And sometimes you wish you had other electronic device like laptop that’s you can use to kill the boredom pending when you arrive your destination?? Here is the good news if you are flying to US from Abu Dhabi on Etihad airlines can now use laptops to kill time during the flight.

Etihad’s US-bound flights departing from Abu Dhabi International Airport have been exempted from the electronics ban implemented in March, Etihad Airways announced  on its website over the weekend. The exemption came following “enhanced security measures” at the airport, although no specifics were given.

The ban was implemented after there was a discovery that some terrorists were building some explosive and it could be concealed in some electronic devices larger than a phone so electronic like laptop could be the perfect fit and it was ban on US-bound flights from 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa.

The US officials had plans to expand the ban on all international flights arriving US, but later had a change in decision and considered otherwise. Instead, flights and airports are now required to pass through series of security checks.

The flights were later removed from the ban list after the US Department of Homeland Security confirmed the flight has met tighter security standards put in place last week,

According to report only Etihad Airways has had PED restrictions lifted. The other airlines and airports announced in March remain under the restrictions. Until they met the security requirements.

This is a bold step taken by Etihad Airways and is something the other airlines placed on electronic ban should learn from to ensure a safe and conducive environment for their passengers and staff on board.

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