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Top 5 Technology Trends For Your E-commerce Website


The pandemic demanded revolutionary changes across the world in every sector of the economy. Whether it is education, finance, healthcare and E-commerce is not an exception to it.

Every E-commerce website is having cutthroat competition as everyday new apps are emerging which forces existing websites to provide the best to attract new customers as well as to entertain the existing customers.

All the technological advancements create whack on the E-commerce world at large, modifying the methods in a way which connects the brands with the customers and it often provides certain suggestions where the customers get the notifications of their choice and preferences in the notification bar.

It is often driven by the benefits of delivering the goods delivered to your doorstep, E Commerce is becoming a part of every individual’s life as they open and search the app every now and then to get the latest feed on fashion and other things which gets provided to them.

All the strategic plans and policies assist in making the E-commerce website updated and that too without any hassle.

The implementation of latest technologies makes it more appealing to the customers as the needs and preferences get provided with an ease and as per the outcomes the E-commerce sector keeps on growing continuously.

E-commerce is even faster and appears convenient as the customers can get the desired products at their fingertips and can get the goods delivered within a few minutes at the doorsteps.

Even the customers can keep track of their goods and services where they have reached and when they can get delivered all gets available along with the time of delivery.

Further in this article we will discuss briefly which are the top 5 technological trends which will influence the customers at large.

Let’s dig this topic a bit deeper along with understanding the major trends and how it helps the E-commerce website by providing better services.


1. Omni-presence or support

All the shopping habits need a process of cross-channel research as well as for the consideration as well as the purchase needs of the customers.

Almost 90% of the customers expect smooth and interactive channels across the multiple platforms which highlights the importance of omnichannel readiness for every business.

It often makes the right choice of technology which refers to not only providing the briefings to the customers but also navigating them to the page of their choice or where the needs of the customers gets matched.

The features which can get included in this technology can be :

      A. Video Chat

Every customized service provided by the website owner has its own ranking whether we talk about products or services.

Creating an interactive as well as visually demonstrative service will entertain more customers as they feel connected with the website.

      B. Cobrowsing

The visual engagement system helps in channelising and bringing the customers and the vendors on the same page which helps in reducing the chain of delivery as all the intermediaries are revoked.

This appears as the perfect way where buyers can meet sellers without any problem and inconvenience and the cost of the goods and services also comes directly from the sellers.

      C. Screen Sharing

The method of interacting with the customers helps in clearing and shading away all the doubts which the customers get when they face any difficulty while working on the same platform of the website.

Such direct screen sharing options and interaction with the technical expert of the website will remove grievances and issues faced by the customers.

All the problems associated with filling out the forms, details and even the feedback can get solved quickly with such an option.

      D. Document Interaction

It delivers a silver platter for the agents to get into contact with the customer’s documents safely and it often includes E-signature technologies which are used to uplift the security which gets provided to the customers.

All these methods will entertain and keep the customers more engaged when they use such an app and such features will probably get more customers to the payment options and will end the chain by delivering the goods and services at the doorsteps of the customers.

2. Extensive Personalization

All the customers have different needs and wants and they want their search to get completed within a fraction of minutes and it becomes quite difficult for the E-commerce websites to survive in the competitive market as the customers’ needs and wants are not predictable.

Personalization is the biggest trend in E-commerce. Consumers are expecting applicable shopping experiences which are based on the customized preferences.

The statistics reveal that 78% of all the customers often ignore those that are not customized and are dependent on the previous engagement with the brands.

Personalization and customization in marketing and the customer support can be understood by the behavioral patterns and purchasing power of the customers.

Technology has now evolved to deliver the things which are asked by the customers in a more precise manner.

The potentiality of technology used by the E-commerce sites are huge and have long impacts. Almost every action online gets captured and stored and it also creates a large pool of data and information which is referred to as Big Data.

AI and Machine Learning analytics can direct the behavioral patterns of the customers while interpreting the data which means that the businesses gets provided with the cycle of desires and even expectations which helps in creating wide opportunities for the customers.

Big data, Machine Learning and AI have certain customization for the norms along with the businesses to cater the support and services which helps in reflecting the likes and dislikes of the customers.

3. The transition to mobile

Mobile platforms have emerged at a large rate and it also created its own importance and where m-commerce gets promoted as the new emerging concept.

It can be considered as failure for the E-commerce websites when they don’t have any mobile platform to entertain their customers.

It also helps the customers to become adjustable with the mobile-friendly technology which is pivotal and of high importance when it comes to maximising the chances for its future success.

E-Commerce mobile apps are the apps which provide continuous assistance with the brands and provide a golden opportunity to make the customers more familiar with the purchasing power and other location- based marketing and use the customer’s geographical locations to navigate the customers to their specific location.

VR/ AR guidance – Implementing VR and AR technologies supplies an enticing mobile experience for your customers which connects them with the brand in a deeper and more fruitful manner.

IoT and the IoT from the desire to develop a deeper understanding of customer trends over few connected devices. The scope even gets more wider and the delivery of personalized mobile shopping experiences of all the customers gets limitless.

4. Conversational Marketing

The flows of the marketing channels get dominated in the single direction. The brand new concept of conversational marketing has now opened new horizons of two-way communications which further creates large opportunities for the success of E-commerce websites.

Getting information which directly comes from the customers even makes it more attempting to assume it.

E-commerce websites need more customization and must be in real-time and even it must include timely conversations to understand the needs of the customers.

Here we will talk about the ways to have conversation with customers in an effective way:

      A. Chatbots
      B. Live chats with proper consultants and the aggrieved customers

5. AI and chatbots for Customer Communications

Artificial Intelligence plays a pivotal role in the lives of individuals and it also makes sure that the major impact on how the individual lives and works.

There are several other examples of AI and automation tools with the customer service apps for the business which also includes the voice controlled assistants such as Google’s assistance and Apple Siri.

Chatbots and even virtual assistants help in proper presentation for the future of businesses.

Some of the chatbots are already performing well in various companies and it helps in improving the customer’s experience and it even boosts the image of the brand.

With the assistance of chatbots one can order food and can check-in the luggage at airports and lounges and can even have recommendations for almost anything that can be thought of.


The Concluding lines

All the successful E-commerce websites and their ventures are not predictable and it depends on the cutting-edge technology where they will be employed.

The websites must drive their focus and should dominate the market with the implementation of new technologies for the betterment of the customers as well as the website at large.

The services to the customers must be provided in a way that it makes the company more efficient and to stand still when it comes to reaping the benefits the website gets from the integration of technology.


Author’s Bio
James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, assistance in trademark registration, E-commerce website development, and marketing head at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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