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How Technology Empowers Us to Make Money Online


Digital technologies have enabled us to earn money without leaving our homes. The study conducted by Upwork concluded that more than 54 million people did some type of freelance work in the United States in 2015. Freelance jobs allow us to follow more flexible lifestyles and in most cases, they can produce the same pay as their corporate counterparts. In this article, I will review several ways you can use technology for earning money online.

Paid Surveys


Many marketing companies organise paid surveys in order to gather valuable consumer data. They later sell survey information to regular companies that use it for building their sales and marketing strategies. Taking paid surveys is definitely the easiest way you can earn money online, but let us dive a bit deeper and go into the world of internet blogging.

Running a Profitable Blog


Blogging can be very lucrative. If you run a popular blog you have several revenue options at your disposal:

  • Affiliate marketing- You can arrange a deal with niche specific shops and agencies to place links and banners on your blog that will direct your visitors to their product pages. Each product or service your blog readers buy at these websites will earn you a hefty commission. Amazon.com Associates is the most popular affiliate network, which directs blog readers to Amazon product pages.
  • Pay per click (PPC)- Currently, this is the most widespread type of online advertising. Platforms like Google AdSense allow you to place their ads in your blog posts and earn money from every ad click your readers make.
  • Native advertising- This profession is reserved for influential bloggers, who are paid to include product, service and business promotion in regular blog posts.

Alright, let us take it a step further and see how you can make money from selling products online.



The Internet is a huge market where you can buy literally anything. Many people earn money by running different types of online trade schemes. Both product manufacturers and retailers sell their goods this way. Most online retailers buy wholesale goods and sell them through:

  1. Amazon, eBay or Craigslist accounts;
  2. E-commerce platforms like Shopify;
  3. Their own e-commerce websites;

Since the majority of world’s industrial production is located in China and Southeast Asia, most online retailers order their wholesale goods on Aliexpress.com and Dhgate.com and sell them to Western customers at a much higher price. While ordering their goods from Chinese wholesale retailers they need to ask for product samples and respect their country’s customs rules and regulations. Now for something completely different.The Internet gives you earning options for almost any skill you might possess. So, you know English? 

Teach English on Skype


There are several websites that hire English-speaking freelancers to tutor English language students from Asian countries. Bibo Global Opportunity Inc. is the most popular company, which offers this type of service. They provide English language tutorage to Japanese clients and hire English teachers from all over the world, who work from their home and provide simple conversation lectures, as well as serious grammar preparations. English can be further utilised. 

Content Writing


Content marketing is currently one of the most effective digital marketing techniques. Consumers often search for useful and interesting online content and companies are turning their websites into niche-specific knowledge bases, while trying to answer consumer’s curiosity. Since regular company employees don’t have enough time for extensive content creation, they often outsource these tasks to content agencies or freelance content writers.

Freelance content writing jobs can be found on the most popular freelance marketplaces, like: Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr and iWriter. This job requires advanced writing and internet research skills and it can be done from a home computer.

Most freelance jobs we mentioned above, don’t require special education or work experience. Proven industry experts (especially in the IT field) will be able to find much more lucrative jobs and create high paying freelance careers. Many of them will continue their careers as successful entrepreneurs. During the past few years we’ve seen hundreds of fast-growing tech startups that were founded by influential freelance programmers. The trend keeps getting stronger. 

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