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Tencent’s “Honor Of Kings” Hit 100m Daily Users, Partners With Burberry


The British luxury fashion house, Burberry announced its partnership with Tencent Games, aiming to interact with its customers via digital content. Tencent Games turn out to have accomplished the world record of over 100 million active daily users. Tencent’s recent achievements are duly expected because the multiplayer online game also turned out to be a blockbuster amongst other games Tencent has published.

To have accomplished a global record that still lasts, the online game publisher intends to channel its success further into creating two more games of different genres. Meanwhile, Burberry has it in mind to channel this partnership as a means to digitally showcase its product to its customers online via Tencent’s online games. The British luxury group understands that serious moves like how Tencent manages their online strategies gives the company a head start to attain its domineering positions in the industry.

As Tencent Games represents China’s well-renowned video game and social media platform celebrates the fifth year of which Honor of Kings has maintained its star position as a smash hit since its debut in 2015. Li Min the general manager and director of Tencent Games had to recognize its blockbuster rival, League of Legends, an online multi-player game that also has millions of active users.

In comparison to the growth both games have attained, it stands as a win-win for Tencent because the Chinese video game publisher owns both of the companies that developed Honor of Kings and League of Legends. As the celebration continues, both online multi-player games were acknowledged to have gained challenging accomplishments over time, which also made the Chinese video games certified in Asia.

As the partnership between the Chinese online game publisher and Burberry stands as a mutual benefit, it will give Tencent an edge to execute its agenda of expanding its gaming platform. Tencent did not mention the title of the new version of its multi-player game yet to be published, but they said the name features will be adapted from films, music, anime, and live-action series into a different genre to ascertain consciously active gaming experience.

Li Min said: “We are going to expand how players can interact with the Honor of King’s world and create a multi-dimensional brand experience that drives engagement both inside the game and outside it. This could include anime, films, music, and even live-action series.”

Just as the entire fanbase of Honor of Kings is left to anticipate with an excite of suspense, Timi Studios disclosed that they officially licensed Bruce Lee’s photo as the display cover of the new version with heightened sensors that give it’s playing effect a live experience battle.

Tencent also realized the significant shift towards online operations resulted in the steady increase in value the digital economy has enjoyed. Honor of Kings is said to be the epic game that poses as the main factor that generated the $240 million revenue via online gaming for the Chinese tech company.

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