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Tesla Is Currently Under Investigation For Autopilot Gone Wrong


…information will be reserved as corrective measures towards enhancing driver-assist systems.

Tesla has allegedly misused autopilot driving technology which resulted in a fatal accident — this has sprung legal authorities to consent about the cause to prevent further incompetence. The US Senate is demanding a proper investigation, they sent a request to federal regulators urging them to intervene in Tesla’s recent driverless Model S crash that killed two civilians.

Senator Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal issued the letter directed to the interim administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Steven Cliff — the agency is expected to scrutinize the actual cause of Tesla’s Model S crash. The information derived from this investigation will be reserved as corrective measures towards enhancing driver-assist systems.

In regards to the previous Saturday Tesla crash, the senate firmly urged “the NHTSA to conduct a complete investigation into Saturday’s fatal Tesla vehicle crash and develop recommendations for improving automated driving and driver assistance systems. We look forward to working with you and the NTSB to implement policy changes that stop these preventable deaths from occurring and save lives.”

Nonetheless, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has consorted with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), assigning a local task force dedicated to investigating Tesla’s autopilot gone wrong. The agency aims to accumulate credence information.

Tesla’s Model S crashed in Houston Texas towards the evening/night while investigators strongly believe there was no driver seated at the time of the crash. The wives of the victims testified that they overheard the passengers discussing the Tesla EV that features the driver-assist system, the New York Times writes.

The NHTSA currently has 27 open cases investigating Tesla’s autopilot vehicle crash while 23 cases remain active. Meanwhile, the agency has been criticized because they gave Tesla a pass — the NHTSA believes in the possibility that passengers are likely to tamper with the autopilot technology.

It seems the NHTSA’s judgment will favour Tesla, — the electric vehicle manufacturer, Elon Musk, acknowledged the agency’s scrutiny is great via his Twitter account.

However, NTSB is willing to penalize Tesla based on the history of autopilot gone wrong linked to their electric vehicles. In 2018, a Tesla owner lost his life in a crash, and investigations proved the car he drove had a faulty driver-assist system.

The NTSB chairman used this fact to tackle Tesla’s chief executive, while he disrespected him over the phone. The EV company is yet to respond to other requests for comment just as they also dissolved their press office temporarily.

Although Elon Musk contradicted the NTSB with facts derived from the data logs — the victim’s autopilot was not enabled. Tesla argued that the victim purchased a “self-driving model”.

Nonetheless, several Tesla owners have reportedly utilized its autopilot technology — these vehicles have accessed roads without marking with encountering accidents.

While other customers have reported that a Tesla can be hacked making the car falsely think objects are positioned behind it while in motion.

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