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Elon Musk’s Tesla Begins Taking Orders For Its Solar Roofs


Elon Musk’s Tesla started taking orders yesterday for its solar roofs which unveiled last year. The roofs replace the traditional solar panels are so visible to just about anyone and while the roofs may be expensive, it would be cooler speaking from an aesthetics point of view. The other thing about this is that it generate more electricity over time and eventually your electricity need cost. To further illustrate this, if you have 1700-square-foot roof with half that roof covered with Tesla’s solar roof tiles, it would probably cost you $34,300 but as expensive as it sounds, Tesla says you could eventually generate $76,700 electricity’s worth over thirty years and not to talk of other environmental gains.

That said, some think it’s still too expensive compared to what it may cost to install solar panels but somehow Elon Musk still says he expects a robust demand over time for his solar roofs. Interested buyers outside the United States would have to wait till 2018 to start placing and receiving orders.

To place an order, you would have to make a deposit of $1,000 and you can do that on Tesla’s website.

The roofs are made of textured glass that have photovoltaic cells embedded in them. The idea is a collaboration between two Elon Musk run organisations; SolarCity and Tesla. The roofs can work with Tesla’s Powerwall 2 battery too.

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