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The Android Oreo Is Here But Won’t Be On Any Smartphones For Now. Here’s What To Expect From The Latest Android Flavour


I made mention of Google’s plan to a new Android flavour earlier and it seems that plans have been concluded as date of the release has been fixed and is ready to go live. However the release data happened to coincide with the date of the predicted total solar eclipse and its today the 21st of August, I will take my time to explain its features, its device compatibility and lots more just to give you an insight of what to expect in the new operating system known as Google android O (Oreo).

Google plans to have a live stream today from New York which is scheduled for 2.40pm (EST), what the O stands was confusing until today.  Many took their time and thought to suggest possible meanings to what the O stands for, some of the suggested names were Oreo, Octopus and a lot of others I guess we will have to wait to find out today just be sure.

The first smartphone to come out with latest version of the android operating system is said to be the Google pixels 2, which will reportedly launch in September, and with the previous track record of Google , all new product of Google both smartphones and tablets will have the latest version of Android Oreo.

At the I/O Google conference held this year, Google spokesman David Burke explained a lot about Google android Oreo which has answered and given an insight to some of the features to be expected in the new update and the features are well packed waiting for you to unwrap them. Here are the features and everything you should know about the Android Oreo;

Android O: Confirmed features

Background limits
The new android version will be adding background limits to help reduce the extent of battery life on device, it will also serve as a power saving feature high will reduce the activities on the background application so as to extent the phone’s battery life to last longer and function better than it usually does.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode

 This version of android allows you multitask on your phone , allowing you combine work on work , or fun on work where you can watch a YouTube video on your phone and also send  important documents or chat at the same time on the picture -in -picture mode(PiP).

Notification Dots
Notifications will not have to be pulled down from the top of your screen to be seen or read, rather with this update the notification feature comes with a small dot at the corner of your device, and it will only appear in case of an unread notification, a long press on the dot and your unread notification pops up, these feature looks very familiar with the red badges on the Apple iOS.

Faster boot times

Google mentioned during the I/O conference of its promise for a faster and better boosting time with Android O, and also a faster app loading time, with the android O smartphones applications will run and load faster than the previous version of android.

New Emojis
Tired of the previous emojis with blob faces? Need a replacement or a redesign with the new version it gets better as the Google explained the new designs for some of the emojis on the version will get more circular faces other than the usual blob faces you are used to.

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