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The British Government Is Testing Out Roads That Charge Cars On the Move


The UK government may have boosted the fight by various governments to combat the effects of climate change while boosting the use of electric cars. Highways England announced that it will be testing the possibility of having charging lanes and they won’t be on public roads just yet. This is to last for 18 months. Electric car sales are on the rise but still lower than projections due to a number of factors but the most obvious is that we (humans) are addicted to petrol guzzling vehicles. A fully charged electric car will go approximately 260 miles/418 Km compared to about 300 miles/482 Km on a petrol engine.

English highway electric charging test

This is isn’t the first of its kind though according to Mashable, This isn’t the first trial of its kind. In South Korea, a 7.5-mile (12 km) stretch of road charges up electric buses as they drive along, via a process called Shaped Magnetic Field in Resonance (SMFIR). In England, a trial in Milton Keynes saw buses charged wirelessly through plates in the road, but they had to stop moving to receive the juice.”

As it stands today, this will be huge challenge for African nations many of whom still don’t have enough electric power supply for the local economy. Besides this, there is the challenge of good road networks and capacity. That said, the situations generally have started getting the deserved attention especially in Nigeria where this was a major campaign promise of the Buhari led government.

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