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The Lagos State Government Has A Number Plate Verification Site But It Could Be A Problem Later


The Lagos State government of Nigeria just launched a website and here’s what it does. It helps you verify just about any number plate. Called Motor Vehicle Registration Search, all you have to do is pop in a number and the registration details open for you to see.

Here’s a link to the site. The other news about this is that it isn’t just limited to Lagos number plates as some users have reported being able to verify just about any Nigerian car number plate.

This website could come in handy when trying to buy a car from someone as this could tell you whether they actually the car or maybe stole it. It could also be of help to law enforcement agents who could use this tool to verify whether a road user’s claims about their car is in fact correct.

That said, this could be a security or privacy risk and here’s how. All you need these days is just a name and you can easily use tools like Google and Facebook to research on who the person is, where they live and what they do. This could make it easier to target ordinary citizens because you see, the website doesn’t even ask you to register so the government can have your details in turn in the event of an investigation.

In any case, here’s another first from the Lagos State government which has pioneered such measures in the past. Why won’t they right? After all Lagos is also the tech capital of Nigeria and is home to some of the greatest startups on the continent.

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