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The SIM Card As You Know It May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past


The size of SIM (subscriber identification module) card has gradually reduced since the launch of mobile voice and data technology. Since then researchers have investigated the idea of having smartphones without SIM cards. According to multiple reports, Apple and Samsung are working on a e-SIM solution. This software based SIM card would remain inside you phone and will allow you switch telecom carriers directly from your mobile operating system.

Apple currently has a service on its Apple SIM which is only available to US and UK customers whereby you can switch between carriers.

These e-SIMs are expected rolled out from 2016 according to reports.

2016 looks to be a year of advances for the telecom industry as companies and telecom operators alike are looking to phase out the telecom mast as we know it. Qualcomm is already experimenting with technology that allows smartphones to communicate with other mobile devices up to a range of 500 meters, bypassing cell towers altogether. Called LTE Direct, it uses licensed spectrum without draining a phone’s battery life and will become commercially available in 2016

This was first published by the Financial Times

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