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UAE Has Made History As The First Arab Country To Land On Mars At First Try


United Arab Emirates, UAE has landed on the red planet, making a record as the first Arabian country to complete a space mission. they dubbed the space project “Hope probe.”

According to UAE’s time, at exactly 7:42 p.m. on Tuesday, the Arabians made history landing on Mars then sent a signal back to the space center on earth. It took up to an hour for Mohammed Bin Rashid, their Space Centre stationed in Dubai, to receive the signal and confirm their safety and the on-going success of the Emirates Mars mission.

The red planet’s confirmation gave the ground control team of scientists and engineers a reason to rejoice in Dubai. At the same time, they updated the Hope Probe’s social platform about the success they accomplished, adding a hashtag #ArabsToMars.

The Hope Probe Twitter account “204 days and more than 480 million km later, the #HopeProbe is now in the Capture Orbit of #Mars.”

In line with experts’ consent about the Emirate space mission to Mars, they believe the chances of a successful landing on Mars is very thin, which explains why the Arabians are proud of their success.

The Hope probe is one significant historical development by UAE. However, the Emirate space mission encountered a slight hiccup — suspense-filled traffic that dropped Hope Probe’s speed from 100,000 kilometers per hour to 18,000 kph for 27 minutes straight. This could have proved the expert’s thesis about the common failure of traveling to the red planet.

The 27 minutes delay almost drained the hope probe’s fuel; dramatically, Mars gravitational force pulled it into its orbit, according to Mohammed Bin Rashid’s report.

The suspense continued as Hope Probe lost communications with its scientists and engineers in charge of the space project. Other concerned Emiratis, including HH Sheikh Mohammed, also anticipated the mission’s success, whereby he shared a “mission accomplished” tweet congratulating the Emirate Mars project.

Although the stakes are high, Hope Probe managed to complete its mission with slight shortcomings by chance. Nonetheless, the shortcomings should have escalated because Mars happens to be closer to earth just twice within a year — the scientist at Mohammed Bin Rashid space center was precise about timing their trip to space.

Aside from UAE being the first Arabian country to accomplish a space mission, they also happened to be the second country to land on Mars at its first try — not forgetting India, the first to land on Mars. UAE initially tried the emirate space mission in the 1960’s.

Immediately, HH Sheikh Mohammed notified the world about their space mission success, which attracted other high profiled personnel, including the world-famous scientists Neil DeGrasse Tyson, UK space agency, the Indian government, and the American government represented by NASA’s administration, Thomas Zurbuchen.

“Congratulations @HopeMarsMission on your safe arrival to Mars’ orbit! Your bold endeavour to explore the Red Planet will inspire many others to reach for the stars. We hope to join you at Mars soon with @NASAPersevere,” Zurbuchen said.

So far, 2021 has been a monumental year for UAE, in that  the Arab country is also celebrating the 50th year they amalgamated as a country.

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