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These 8 tools can help you build your personal cloud


Personal cloud is beginning to gain some attention as more people embrace it. You can build your personal cloud using these 8 free tools.


git-annex allows managing files with git, without checking the file contents into git. While that may seem paradoxical, it is useful when dealing with files larger than git can currently easily handle, whether due to limitations in memory, time, or disk space.


SparkleShare creates a special folder on your computer. You can add remotely hosted folders (or “projects”) to this folder. These projects will be automatically kept in sync with both the host and all of your peers when someone adds, removes or edits a file.


Cozy allows you to turn your server in a kind of personal Google App Engine. Your calendars, contacts, files, mails are all in the same place, at home. 


The AeroFS Private Cloud is a lightweight virtual appliance deployed 100 per cent behind your corporate firewall.


ownCloud provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices wherever you are. It also provides a platform to easily view and sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web.


Organise files into libraries. Each library can be shared between users and into groups. A library can also be selectively synced into any device.


pClouds lets you run a cross-platform personal cloud in your home. It’s easier, cheaper, and more private that way. 

8.Bittorrent Sync

Sync never stores your files on servers, so they stay safe from data breaches and prying eyes.

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