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Everything that you need to know about React js


The environment of front-end development is constantly changing.

Everyday new tools are developed and made available with a wide variety of libraries and configurations and from this wide range of options an individual has to choose from.

This wider choice becomes more confusing and challenging to make the appropriate choice among the available options.

Currently, when we talk about front-end development, Angular appears the most appropriate alternative among the app developers and business owners who are willing to launch their business online.

Nevertheless, React JS is an alternative preferred front-end development framework which broke several records in the space of Web development.


React js is a javascript library which was launched by Facebook in the year 2013 to develop a user interface for the mobile apps. Ever since its evolution it took the space of web development to the next level.

Currently there are 220,000 websites which are using React.js. The number does not only stick to the website but also Apple, Netflix and other social networks which have giant customer ranges around the world are using React.js in their software affairs.

With so many companies using this React. A simple question may arise : What makes React.js unique among others?

Furthermore we will discuss more on its features and benefits and what is the reason behind its popularity.


Key benefits of React.js

React.js provides a wide range of benefits to all the users for their user interface and its benefits are as follows:

1. Speed

It facilitates the developers to use their different parts of the application on both the sides ; Customer-side as well as the server-side and this process eventually enhances the haste of the development process.

In a layman language it can be said that distant developers can work on different parts of the app without changing or hampering the actual logic of the app.

2. Flexibility

When assorted with other front-end structures, React.js is simpler to preserve and is flexible owing to its modern framework. This flexibility helps in saving time and cuts down the cost for all.

3. Performance

React.js provides gassed up performance. The motive of the technology is to synchronize the DOM with the virtual representation of UI and running services on server rather than using browser which makes the functioning of apps more fast and efficient.

4. Usability

If you have some basic knowledge of Javascript then using React becomes very easy and convenient.

In the simple words, a professional of Javascript developer can certainly learn all the pros and cons of the language in a day or two.

5. Mobile app development

React.js is not just for web development. When it was launched by Facebook from that time to now it has the ability to emerge native applications for both the platforms android as well as IOS.

So now we got to know the salient benefits of React and making a next move forward lets just discuss some of the reasons why you should choose React.js for any further project.

Reasons why you must prefer react.js for your next project.

If you have discovered React but still you are in a dilemma whether to develop an app using it or not. This article is likely to motivate you to use React.

Here are the most dominant reasons to use react over any other platforms.

1. Easy to learn

React when collated to other front-end structures like Angular or backbone.js is more elementary to understand and learn.

This can be counted as the main reason why java gained much more popularity and profitability in such a short span of time. It helps the businesses to quickly finish their projects.

When the things are difficult to understand and learn it takes more time to develop the application and this acts as a hindrance for many developers and business owners as they completely lose interest in learning new things which are difficult and time-consuming.

Though the development of React.js has developed and simplified the horizons of front-end development it became more convenient for owners and developers and this is the main reason behind the popularity of React.

2. Helps to build a rich UI.

In every app the nature of UI plays a pivotal role. The major factor behind the success of the app is the quality of UI. If the poor quality of UI is used then it is likely to diminish the success rate of the app.

The better and high-grade UI has more chances to achieve the desired results as it will get loved by all the end users.

Building a rich UI is a mandatory step for an app to continue its survival in the competitive market.

React js permits creation of high-grade and generous UI through using the tools and components which takes the app to the next level.

3. Custom components

React goes together with JSX which provides a developer the platform to write down its own components.

The components are simple and it accepts basic HTML excerpting and makes the execution of all the subcomponents in such a way that it appears fascinating for developers.

Though the debates on JSX still goes on and it continues to bloom and develop the writing of HTML to help the developers with better finishing of the app.

4. Elevate developers productivity

Chronic updates and upgrades often give developers a migraine when a single change and update in one component of the app significantly affects the other components of the app.

To tackle such technical issues, Facebook has developed React in such a manner that the components come along with the reclaimable components.

The components reclaim ability provides the developers to reuse the same components.
The process delivers a better conduct of code and development as each component functions differently and has their own internal logic for its functionality which is easy to manage and the end result of this component is to increase the productivity of the app.

5. Fast rendering

When a developer builds an application which is complex and dynamic it becomes mandatory to characterize the app in the onset of the application as it can further impact the overall performance of the app.

As DOM is a tree structure even a little modification at the esteemed level will have a negative impact on the user interface of an application.

To get rid of such issues, Facebook developed a virtual DOM structure which cuts down all the negatives which a developer finds difficult to deal while using a tree structured DOM.

Virtual DOM as the name itself provides the meaning of the virtual representation of DOM where a developer can evaluate and diminish the risks.

It acts as a calculator for predicting and even allows testing of the modification and how it will affect the overall app.

This method helps the app and enhances its performance and provides a collateral stating that it provides the best user experience.

6. SEO-Friendly

Search engine optimization is the key to success for any business which operates online.

React as compared to other structures naturally reduces the time of the page to get loaded on Google which makes the business to rank great on page results of the Google search engine.

7. Developer toolset

Learning and understanding new technologies and connecting the dots of technology to real-life projects can appear fun as well as beneficial for the developers as well as the users.

Facebook combined the tools such as React dev tools and Chrome dev tools in the framework of React.

Such tools facilitate developers to identify and distinguish between the parent and child component, analyse the hierarchical structure and review the current trends of the components.

8. Strong community support

A strong community support is one of the reasons to adopt React.js in the project.

A huge number of developers are using React as their front-end framework and contributing towards its development.

Not only developers but even experts and professionals in the field are uploading videos on React and its framework on youtube.

While developing an app using React and if you got cemented, your doubts are likely to get solved on Quora and stack overflow where the experts are available online specially to solve doubts and queries.

9. Better code stability

A descending data flow gets followed to make sure that the parent structure does not alter with changes made in the child framework.

Whenever a developer makes significant changes in the framework, only amendments are to be made and there is no need to rewrite the sentences.

Such a data structure and its flow provides better code stability for the developers and provides a better functioning of the app.

10. Popularity among companies

The major companies and big giants of the industries such as Tesla, Tencent QQ, walmart and much more choose React over other frameworks for their mobile and web applications.

Such companies don’t even invest a penny when the outcome won’t be favourable or when it appears less than desired. So if they are using React it ultimately means it is more convenient than any other framework.


By the end , we all came to know why and what makes React a great Front-end framework. React is a high-quality framework that is admirable by the developers. We will help your websites and apps to get in depth while we develop an app on React.js for your business.

For successful functioning of the apps and achieve desired results you need to hire the best company.


Author Bio
Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading React.Js development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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