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This list of countries with the fastest internet speeds may surprise you


Internet speeds have long been touted by many developed nations as a show of their economic developments and strengths but research after research shows that some of the smaller nations have better internet speeds. See the list of countries with the fastest internet speeds in the world as compiled by Efytimes network.

1. Hong Kong: The autonomous state of Hong Kong located in South East Asia is supposed to have an average Internet peak speed of 63.6Mbps. While remarkable in itself, the speed appears even more remarkable given the fact that this is about 3.5 times higher than the global average of 18.3Mbps.

2. Japan: The land of the rising sun has an average Internet speed of about 50Mbps. This is an increase of about 13 per cent over the highest speed compared to the last quarter and 26 per cent increase over the last year.
3. Romania: This small country in the heart of Eastern Europe gets the third ranking honors in our list with 47.9Mbps average peak Internet speed.

4. South Korea: This country is supposed to be one of the most connected ones in the world, and gets the fourth spot with average peak Internet speed of 44.8mbps.

5. Latvia: This Scandinavian spot has more than its scenic beauty going for it and is on the fifth place with average Internet peak speed of 44.2 mbps.

6. Singapore: The island nation with water problems and a turbulent political past scores high on the Internet speed test with average peak speeds of 41.1mbps.

7. Switzerland: This beautiful European country made famous by Bollywood, offers its citizens average peak speeds of 40.3 mbps and gets the seventh spot on our rankings.

8. Bulgaria: This country has an average peak speeds of 38.2 mbps, an increase of 14 per cent Q-o-Q.

9. Netherlands: With average Internet peak speeds of 38.2 mbps, this Scandinavian country gets the ninth spot on our list.

10. Belgium: Belgium rounds up our top 10 with the last spot and an average Internet peak speed of 38 mbps.

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