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This Man Owned Google.com For a Minute And was Rewarded For It


A man bought the Google.com domain recently and actually owned it for a minute or so. How weird right? Well it turns out there was a flaw and the man named Sanmay Ved was able to buy the domain name for just $12/2,300 Naira/1,200 Kenyan Shillings and how do we know it really happened? The ownership of the name was transferred within that minute but was quickly reversed and you can actually read his full article on LinkedIn for screenshots of the transaction. The man got his money refunded though and reported the issue to Google. The management decided to reward him with an undisclosed cash sum but when they learned he was giving it all out to charity, Google doubled it.

Sanmay Ved is an ex Googler.. The term Googler is used for employees of Google or Goolge affiliates.

This comes as Google recently acquired the abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz.com weird domain name

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