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Spotify Launches In Nigeria And Other African Nations From Today #Spotify https://t.co/2FyTCtDsAE via @techbooky https://t.co/srQSaQvITO
15 hours ago
LG Licenses Its WebOS TV Software To Other TV Makers As It Targets Expansion #lg #lgtv https://t.co/4Zi4E50Li9 via… https://t.co/1msaaa8s4m
18 hours ago
Facebook Has “Re-friended” Australia By Allowing News Content Again https://t.co/ob2XpO8OEd via @techbooky https://t.co/BgdSzLhQxX
18 hours ago
Google Has Updated Its Gmail For iOS App In Line With Apple’s New Privacy Label https://t.co/A3jegPPRcA via… https://t.co/2SGu0zNs3Q
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This past week in Tech


This Past Week in Tech

We do hope you had a good week. To wrap it up, here are a the top stories this past week ending 3rd October, 2014.

First we start with the new of the Windows 10 unveiling. The new operating system is billed to run across several devices. Microsoft is also delivering a converged application platform for developers on all devices with a unified app store. Developers will be able to write an application once and deploy it easily across multiple device types, making discovery, purchase and updating easier than ever for customers. Read more https://www.techbooky.com/microsoft-announces-windows-10/

windows 10-1


We also brought to you the big news in e-commerce. EBay and PayPal split into two independent companies. This is to take full effect from 2015. EBay initially bought PayPal for about $1.5b/₦246,375,002,463.75. Read more https://www.techbooky.com/breaking-ebay-and-paypal-to-split-into-two-independent-companies/



Ok ok, Ello!! we brought the news of  fast growing “anti-Facebook” social networking site. It’s called Ello and its invite only. The site has recorded an average of over 30,000 sign ups/hour. We hope they can keep the momentum. Read more https://www.techbooky.com/ello-is-the-new-renegade-social-network/



In the gadgets column, we reported the $6,800/₦1,115,200.18 phone from Vertu. Read more https://www.techbooky.com/heres-the-6800-phone/



The not so good news for JP Morgan Chase and their customers is that the bank reported that nearly 76 million household and 7 million small business data was stolen by hackers or intruders. The bank has since plugged this but we can’t know how much damage has been done at this point as we believe its still early to tell. Read more https://www.techbooky.com/76-million-households-and-7-millions-small-businesses-affected-by-data-breach-jp-morgan/

jp morgan chase


It was Nigeria’s 54th independence anniversary this week and as usual it was a day for reflection across the country. One of our authors published an article regarding the country’s long road to technology independence. You can read that article here https://www.techbooky.com/technology-for-national-transformation-and-advancement-an-imperative-for-true-independence/

Lastly we reported on the $15m/₦2,463,750,024.64 initiative by the communications ministry of Nigeria to boost ICT in the country. Kenya has also launched phase 2 of the national fibre project which aims to boost data rates across the nation.

You can find many more from this past week in tech and other stories on https://www.techbooky.com. Do have a great weekend from all of us as TechBooky.

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