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This Past Week in Tech


This Past week in Tech

Hello everyone and we hope you  had a “techy” week with us.  This is your “This Past week in Tech” for the week ending  7th November, 2014.

We start with two news from Microsoft this past week with the first being that office users on iOS can now edit and create content. It will be recalled that this was one of the first services to be launched when current CEO Satya Nadella took office. We also reported that Microsoft also says it will be stopping retail sales of Windows 7 and 8.   Read more here



Ok so another security problem, Drupal based websites have recently experienced a security attack that has affected about 2 million websites.  Sites on the WordPress platform reported similar intrusions before. We can arguably say 2014 has seen more cyber attacks than in any year as it has been attacks upon attacks from the financial to Tech sectors. Read more here

In an online piracy case, one of the co-founders of the popular Pirate Bay was recently nabbed in Thailand after another one was arrested in 2012. We may not be seeing some of his work anytime soon as he faces charges on copyright infringement. You can read more on that story here and  in a related incidence, Taylor Swift the popular pop star has asked music streaming site Spotify to take down all her songs and albums. The Platinum selling star published an article in the Wall Street Journal about how artists continually lose to illegal music sites. The site released a statement that it had done as the singer wanted. Google recently launched a service to help fight music piracy. TechBooky already brought this to you. Read more here

taylor swift spotify account


Google now allows you to use other rival emails on its Gmail App. yes you heard right, this was recently announced by the internet giant and has since drawn commendations for users. Read more on that story here

On a Security front, several companies have formed a coalition to fight a Chinese hacking group. This became necessary as several Western companies have reported their systems being breached by elements based in China. Various governments have seen this as economic espionage. Read more here

Lest we forget, HP has launched its 3D printer and you can read all about it here

On the African front, We brought a BizTech Africa story to you about the rapid growth of Alcatel Lucent in Africa. Nigeria with the largest Telecom sector in Africa has seen an increased partnership with the company. Look out for our African Tech Start up page coming soon.

We thank you for staying with us this past and we look forward to you reading our articles in the coming week. Thanks from all of us at TechBooky


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