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Here’s a summary of news that made the headlines in technology this past week

VoguePay makes Nigeria the second country in Africa after South Africa to launch services related to the acceptance of Bitcoins. This was announced in a statement we posted. You can read more on that here and still on the African continent, we posted a link to the full article from Visa on “realising Potential: connecting Africa”. You can read that and many more here. Crowd funding is the future for many start ups across the world and Africa is not an exception. We posted an article on this from crowd fund beat and you can read the full story here.

Moving away from the African continent now, we brought to your attention the news that ISIS (the Islamic state militants) hacked into the social media accounts (twitter and YouTube) of the US CENTCOM (United States Central Command); a body saddled with the responsibility of fighting the Islamic state. The account was temporarily suspended but is now back and you can read more on this news here.

One major news that we’re watching closely is that of Samsung buying BlackBerry. Is this going to be a game changer in the smart phone business? We’ll bring you more on this story as it unfolds but in the mean time, you can read what we already know about it here

LinkedIn; the professional social network has some very interesting features launching soon and we’re talking as early as the coming week. The company aims to make it easier for employers to relate with their employees as well enhance employee-employee relationships. How exactly they aim to do this, read the news here

We last year reported that Skype has tested a real-time translator tool which allows for real-time translation between video callers who don’t speak the same language. This service is currently available in English and Spanish only. Now Google have now launched theirs using their “Google Translate” platform. Would this be an eventual competition for Skype? Read more here

At a question and answer session in Bogota Colombia, Facebook CEO announced that their mobile app now consumes ten times less of data that it did over a year ago and is ten times faster as well. You can read more on the announcement here.

These and many more news you’ll find on TechBooky.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to being your main source of technology news.

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