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This Website Promises To Wipe Your Records Off The Internet Without Even Collecting Your Data


There is the “right to forget” in Europe but what if you really want disappear off the internet for good with your records wiped clean. Yeah just like that.

Well that’s what two Swedish engineers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck have developed. Called Deseat, it allows you login with your Google account and once you have done this, it scans through your email to see which online services you may have signed up to. Once done, the Deseat creates a list of accounts as seen below;


From the list as seen above, you will be taken straight to the delete profile section of a selected website. If you’re scared that this is just another service that’s out to collect your data, the developers say you have nothing to worry about because your information is not visible to Deseat but works solely on your device just like a local software would.

Using Google’s “My Activity” service, you can see your Google history including YouTube and other websites you’ve ever visited. Deseat though takes this to another level by allowing you see al subscriptions in one list and directly taking you to the profile delete section of each of them.

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