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Throw the World’s Best Startup Party- Learn the basics


As your company grows, there will come a time when you will have to host an event. It will be the best way to spread your name and brand, and ensure that it goes “out there”. In order to do so, you will have to do a lot of work, prepare your team and take many factors into consideration. Listed below are some of the tips which might help you throw the world’s best startup party.

Throw the World’s Best Startup Party- Learn the basicsWhat is the meaning of this?

Instead of someone saying this line out loud, making it sound completely wrong, ask yourself the same question. What is the meaning, the purpose of this party? Is it to only advertise your company, put your name out there? Is it to try and gather as many potential customers as you can? Is it to host your brand and launch it straight into the ranks of competition? Once you answer this question to yourself, you will be able to start planning the entire process. Keep in mind that a party can have several goals, such as raising a certain amount of money and spreading the word or fighting for the cause. In this case, you can both get out there and give your future customers a chance to get to know you.

Set your budget

If you don’t want to go bankrupt before even starting your company, set the budget for the party. Make a party plan and try to involve as many details concerning the finances. However, keep in mind that you need a way to return the money invested and maybe even make a profit. One way of doing that is charging for the tickets, or hosting an event, or selling some products up front before releasing them to the market. You shouldn’t exceed your budget, which is why you have to plan your party carefully.

Throw the World’s Best Startup Party- Learn the basicsFind the right venue

Another potential problem could be the venue: where do you put 200 to 300 people? As a company owner, you have to keep in mind that the venue has to be somewhat famous, in a good location and well equipped in order to attract serious buyers and customers, as well as lots of interested crowd and reporters. Consider whether you want the party to be in a closed space or in the open. If it’s a sunny day, you might want to host an event in the open. To protect everyone from the heat or potential rage of the elements, place waterproof shade sails, and enjoy the rest of the day without worrying about the climate changes. Events in the open are known for attracting more people, which is why you might want to host your event during early to mid-summer days.

Targeted audience

One of the most important parts of the whole event is your audience. Think carefully about the people you are going to invite. We are talking about journalists, Fortune 100 CEOs, CMOs, and other important people in the business. Of course, there have to be at least some bloggers and vloggers who will promote your brand on their blog pages. Plan the party by keeping your target audience in mind and work accordingly. Remember that you cannot invite Fortune 100 people into a bar; instead, serve dinner or cocktail party in a nice venue.

Throw the World’s Best Startup Party- Learn the basics

Once you have your finishing touches in place, invitations sent, all you have to do is sit tight and prepare for the event. Remember to relax, be yourself and promote your brand as best as you can. If you follow the above mentioned tips, your event will without a doubt be successful.



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