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The Tinder Experience Comes To The Web In Emerging Markets With Plans To Launch Globally Soon


Tinder has released a web version of its dating app which means you can now log on to your account and start swiping left or right (in the case of the computer, maybe dragging left and right) on those images that pop up. Called Tinder Online, the new service is targeted at emerging markets where storage might be an issue.

In a statement, Tinder says “Let’s face it: not all places on earth have 4G. Some people can’t get bundled services, while others don’t have enough memory to support Tinder on their mobile phones. For all those who’ve ever been stuck in a lecture hall or had to endure an eight-hour workday without access to Tinder—this is for you.”

As with similar services, you can access Tinder Online using your Facebook profile even though Tinder is also experimenting on accessing the service through SMS in certain markets.

But Tinder doesn’t assure us that the experience will be the same as on the app but rather a mixed one. Speaking to TechCrunch, Brian Norgard, Tinder’s Head of Product says “Our DNA is mobile so there was a learning curve involved in building something for a bigger screen…. what makes Tinder great on your phone might not make it great on the desktop, and vice versa.” This means you could sometimes come to fall in love with some of the Tinder Online features and vice versa but seeing as their “DNA” is mobile, one might expect that the mobile experience might still be better but in case you work in an office where smartphones are prohibited or a classroom for that matter, you may prefer Tinder Online – maybe until your boss reads about this new service and somehow blocks the service.

That said, the service is still in the test stage and is available only in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, and Sweden for now until they roll it out to other markets.

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