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Best Tips for iOS Developers To Develop Application According To Global Market


Mobile app development as the industry speaks is one of the most promising arenas for individuals to start their careers. There are nearly 2.7 million smartphone users across the globe and it is no surprise that most of the time spent by them is on mobile apps. The proliferation of apps further opens newer avenues for developers to make a fortune developing quality-rich mobile apps.

And this is not limited only to the Android app developers but extends to its ultimate rival, Apple too. Even though there prevail significant differences in the app development trends for Android and iOS platforms, IOS mobile apps are as much influence as the Android ones. A recent survey revealed that the apple play store has 2.2 million apps.

Now, this number is huge and so do the competition. Developers are actively eyeing upon the opportunity to build exquisite mobile apps to outstand the competitors and embark on success in the journey of mobile app development. As it appears, there are multiple things you need to consider when developing an app. It is not just the idea that leads you to success but the additional factors linked with the app that drives a revenue-specific app.

In case, you are planning to start your career with iOS app development but have not much idea on how to start or from where the development process might scare you off. Don’t worry we got your back, this article will take you down the top 7 aspects related to iOS app development and ease your concerns related to app development.

Top Tips To Development An iOS App

  • Understanding Your App Audience

Irrespective of the type of app you are about to build or the kind of business you run, the first and the most important thing is to scan through the prospects and identify your potential customers. It is imperative that before you start developing an app for your business, you have significant knowledge of who your end customers are. The idea of who is going to utilize your product makes it easier to draft the features, interface, and design of the app. Also, when you are aware of your audience, you can effectively draft marketing strategies, one that adheres to the need of the users.

  • Assess The Cost & Benefit Ratio

Next comes the need to sketch the expected cost of development and analyze whether the benefits aided through the app is worth the investment. Further, you need to check if the app as destined to take your business to the next level will add income streams to the business. One way to make sure that the developed app drives the money for your business is to adopt a freemium version. It is noted that Apple users tend to spend money on apps that benefit them. While starting with a paid version might limit the date of app acceptability, you can initially keep your app free and then lure users to make purchases or upgrade their services through the paid model.

  • Adopt The Guidelines Of Human Interface

If you ever had the chance to connect an iOS app development portal, you would have realized that IOS has strict guidelines. And to remain at the top of the race, you need to follow all of the outlines format and policies. It is important that everything within the app, right from the user interface to the user experience, the mobile app should be such that it lures the users to break the barrier and engage with your app. Look for every minute aspect and make sure that all of the elements are pixel perfect.

  • Draft a style of coding.

When building apps, it is important that you follow a line of coding style. Adoption any or all of the techniques in a single project would make it difficult to maintain, monitor and update. You can walk down the GitHub repository to look for like featured apps and follow the style of coding to ensure that yours map the industrial standards and is reliable throughout the development phase.

  • Adhere to the naming convention

As much as designing the code seems important so is the need to keep your code clean. By clean we mean to say that your app code should follow the standard naming conventions. Whether it is the class, the function, the methods or the variables, everything should have precise names. Factually, IOS restricts the usage of abbreviations while naming the elements of the code. So, while you are in the middle of the development phase, make sure you do not commit the mistake of naming things inappropriately.

  • Embed Automation Via Event-Driven Programs

Introducing the concept of events and actions to carry out significant tasks, IOS apps have etched enormous success. It is evident that Apple focuses on the UI of the app. However, it isn’t limited to the above and gives developers the ease to extend their development process and integrate events that get triggered after an action initiated by the user. This is seen to keep the app engaging and drive more traffic to the same, fueling sales.

Finally, keep an eye on the security of your app. Under no circumstance should the app adhere to malware requests. Spammy links should be directly blocked and no illegitimate access to be granted. With iOS app development you wouldn’t have to worry about all of the above. To our surprise, iOS has such an infrastructure that entails high-end security. Apparently, the platform shields the app against viruses or internal threats and so you can be assured that your app isn’t exposed to cyber-attacks.


Starting your career as an iOS app developer is definitely an excellent idea but before you dive into the sea, make sure you have done your homework right. Go through the series of tips mentioned above and give a head-on. Do not forget to test the application before launching the same in the market.

Author Profile-

Nikhil Bansal is the CEO and Founder of Apptunix, a leading Mobile App Development Company helping businesses in streamlining their processes with powerful and intuitive mobile apps. With extensive experience in iOS app development, he has established himself as a highly-focused Solution Architect and UX expert, the one who is always ready to make efforts in the direction where technology blends with lives.

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