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YouTube: Here Are The Top 5 Paid/Unpaid YouTube Competitors


YouTube, a popular application that can be seen in every android or iOS based phone. But now, some competitors are emerging these days, and people are spending time on them too.

Everyone who wishes to share any video content can register themselves on YouTube without any investment. One can get a solution for almost everything on YouTube, whether it’s related to makeup, cooking, health, any religious activity, etc. And for entertainment purposes too, as many big music companies release their songs on YouTube only.

It has become a part of the daily routine of us. But now, may competitors are taking its place, as you can check below;


This is a French-based video sharing platform in which the audience will get content in 25 different languages. Maxime Saada founded it on 15th March in the year 2005, and its head office is in Paris. Registration is free for everyone, and it is not compulsory to register. 

Dailymotion video sharing application is also available on Play Store as well as App Store. The Team of Dailymotion offers gaming content for the PS4 and Xbox One user’s attraction towards it. One will also get informative videos related to education irrespective of only entertainment content.


Vimeo is also a leading platform for high performing video sharing and choice of various Vloggers. It is an American based Ad-free video platform. They are providing different plans for their customers, and one can also collaborate with their team to enhance the performance. Like YouTube, you can also go live on Vimeo.

It is providing analyzing features to its customers, as one can check the likes, no of times a video is played, and also the play rate. Vimeo is presented in various languages like; Japanese, Spanish, French, English, etc.

Headquarters of Vimeo is at New York City, and it was founded in November 2004, Anjali Sud is handling its working. But in the year 2007, it became the first high definition video sharing site.


Nowadays, one of the biggest competitors of YouTube is Netflix. A very high number of persons are having its Subscription and spending time watching the streaming series online. The Netflix subscription is paid, and users can enjoy many offers given by the company other than the latest streaming episodes of online web series.

Netflix is an American based company having its head office in California. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded it on 29th August in the year 1997. It is available in India also by Netflix India. The main drawback or the problem of Netflix is, not every person is subscribing because of the high prices, and they find it useless to spend the amount.


If you are searching for a user-friendly content, then there is no better platform than Veoh. Veoh is an Internet Television-based Company which is providing many online streaming of series. It is a California based company that is engaged in streaming online videos from across the web. Just like YouTube, Veoh also offers full-length movies, full episodes of television.

Veoh is a subsidiary of Qlipso. Publishers can use the PC to upload videos and can also use portable devices such as iPods, iPhones, Sony PSPs, etc. The users can check whether the footage published is visible at their website provided by Veoh. You can also get the Veoh application on your phone, and it is available in many languages.

Amazon Prime Videos

Recently, Amazon, an online shopping application, has launched its online video streaming application named Amazon Prime Videos and Amazon Prime Movies. Prime Videos is an American based and is also marketed as Amazon Prime Videos. It is a video on demand type of a site owned by Amazon only.

The consumers are getting benefits on online purchasing after the Subscription of Amazon prime Like, discounts, fast deliveries of products ordered online, etc. The Subscription is paid, and the company is giving many discount offers to the customers. Amazon Prime is providing a one-month free trial to its customers, for that some amount is to be paid.

After the free trial period, it is not compulsory to subscribe, but if you wish to have a subscription, you can pay a certain amount and be a part of amazon prime. It was presented on 7th September 2006.


In the end, we can say that there are more competitors of YouTube in India like Disney, ZEE, Sony Liv, etc. But No other application or online streaming web site has got so much popularity, Recently, YouTube has also introduced YouTube TV, YouTube Kids, and also YouTube is giving Subscription, and the prices are meager. You can get yourself a free account from this site (https://freeaccount.one/free-hbo-go-accounts/) and start deciding which platform is the best for you.

YouTube is providing Subscription to the Students at very fewer amounts and even a free one month trial for the subscribed YouTube as compared to others. But presently, Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos are emerging and liked by the people and gaining popularity among the users.

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