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Tor Is Ending Its Cloud Service


Tor announced in a blog post on Thursday that it would be discontenting its cloud service which runs on Amazon EC2 platform. As seen on the blog page,

The main reason for discontinuing Tor Cloud is the fact that software requires maintenance, and Tor Cloud is no exception. There is at least one major bug in the Tor Cloud image that makes it completely dysfunctional (meaning that users could not use this particular service to access the Internet), and there are over a dozen other bugs, at least one of them of highest priority. Probably as a result of these bugs, the number of Tor Cloud bridges has steadily declined since early 2014.

 Tor also noted that by discounting its Cloud project, other Tor Cloud instances would not be affected. Whenever an instance is started, a template of the operating system and settings gets copied, and eliminating the template has no effect on copies


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