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Truecaller now has over 100 million users plus see their new features here


Truecaller, the Swedish startup has announced that it now has over 100 million users even says it unveils new features. The new features will be launched on Android from today while the iOS features will follow in early 2015.

Truecaller since its launch in 2009 has helped users avoid spam and “nuisance” calls from around the globe. It lets you report a number and eventually block that number from calling you. It has since proven to be a useful tool in telephony. The app raised about $60m/10,802,985,945.32 Naira two months ago.

Having reached this milestone, Truecaller is coming up with some new features to keep you using the app and here’s some of them;
1.The app would be able to predict who you’re likely to contact based on your call pattern. So if you call someone all the time say Janet on weekday Wednesday evenings, she would then feature in the “suggested” tab each Wednesday evening thereby making it easy for you to make a direct dial as well as serve as a reminder.

2. The app is now also making it easier to get in touch with your contacts from within the app directly. From now you can swipe left on a contact to sms them and swipe right to call them directly.

3 The app will also help you stay up to date by importing data like photos of your contacts from social media.

Let me add that the method used by Truecaller in announcing its number of users is app installs rather than active users. The fact remains that you either use or know someone who uses Truecaller and this says a lot about a startup. The growth is phenomenal and this is projected to grow. In all, the company has received about $80m/ 14,403,981,260.42 Naira to fund its operations.

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