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Washington Riot: Trump Faces Suspension From Social Media For Misleading The Public


Following his social media post, the outgoing U.S. president Donald Trump shared on his Twitter page which further resulted in the massive outburst of Trump’s rioters at the U.S. capitol in Washington, Twitter and Facebook immediately suspended the president’s account for the first time in history. The social media giants believe that Trump’s posts at this odd time claiming the election result are not certain will only enthuse his supporters to react deleteriously.

Twitter’s point of view is based on protecting its reputation and that of the U.S. presidential office – it is expected of Trump to delete the contents he shared publicly on the internet that has intensively iterated the regulations he prompted on social media companies about curbing the spread of false information and hate speech.

The uprising at the United States Capitol escalated as Trump shared a video expressing his support to protesters agitating for the reversal of his loss to president-elect Joe Biden during the November election in 2020. 

In conjunction with Twitter and Facebook suspending Trump’s activities from socializing on the internet, Google’s YouTube has also taken the right step in suspending Trump’s account for 24 hours. Prior to the suspension by the vlogging company, they had already deleted Trump’s recent video that caused the menace at Washington from its video-sharing platform.

In the video Trump shared with his protesters at the States Capitol, he encouraged them to return to their houses while he insisted that the elections were “fraudulently” orchestrated. In retrospect, Twitter suspended the outgoing president’s account for 12 hours, whereas the only condition was for Trump to take down the post he publicly shared. Twitter shared its opinion via its website.

Twitter said “As a result of the unprecedented and ongoing violence situation in Washington, DC, we have required the removal of three @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today for repeated and severe violation of civic Integrity policy.”

Overtime, the social media has become the most preferred means to share thoughts and communicate globally. The outgoing US president is known to be frequent on social media as a means to communicate with the masses broadcasting directed information. After the election results where published that announced Joe Biden as the emerging president of the U.S., Trump has not been responsible with the comments associated with the 2020 November election – iteratively he shares posts that contradicts the election result insinuating that the elections were rigged and unfair without evidence.

In spite of this, Twitter and Facebook have allowed Trump’s shared posts overtime and they are considered as being misleading containing false information. The social media giants have once issued a campaign that fights against sharing ambiguous posts that counter the sincerity of the election results. Facebook and Twitter have a feature that redirect users to reliable news websites to curb the spread of fake news. Although it is been recorded in history for the first time that a high profiled individual like POTUS himself would be kicked off the internet for violating rules – Twitter noted that Trump is at the brink of making the suspension permanent if he continuously violates social media regulations.

The tweet the outgoing president shared was viral that it concurrently appeared on Facebook and across the internet community – starting with Trumps followers sharing and commenting on his post which further spread virally. The public is still commenting on Trump’s post until the temporary ban is lifted. Twitter had to link all the misleading tweets shared by Trump to other links that share details about the president-elect Joe Biden winning the election.

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