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TSTV Relaunches Its Pay TV Services For As Low As N5 Per Channel From Oct 1


It looks like TSTV is back from wherever it went after the huge promises of the last time.

TSTV Africa has announced its new pricing system set to relaunch on October 1st which is Nigeria’s Independence Day and this year is special because it is Nigeria’s 60th anniversary. The viewing charges are slated to be billed per day, for as low as N2.00, while other channels will cost N5.00 per day. If this becomes a reality, it means the pay per view that many Nigerians have been calling for is gradually becoming a reality.  

On Tuesday, the Managing Director TSTV, Bright Echefu, said that the newly relaunched TSTV aims to deliver the same content and value as the Pay TV has been delivering since 2017 when it first launched. The new pricing system sets to be launched first in Nigeria, but the advanced technology and model will also be available at the same affordable rate to other African countries at a yet to be announced date.

TSTV Managing Director Bright Echefu announced that the TSTV is the first Pay TV in Africa’s sub-Saharan region affiliated with the H.265 decoder. He also stated that the upgraded Pay TV will launch with 180 channels, while 80 of the channels will be streamed in High Definition (HD), which seems to be perfect display quality for the advanced technology on the decoder model.

Since the first launch in 2017, TSTV took the time to restructure its brand and its services, especially aiming to please its Nigerian viewers with even more mouthwatering services. Moreover, the new pay TV platform is also designed for Nigerian subscribers to customize its bouquet to choose several preferred channels while booking it pay TV programs. The new upgrade also gives its subscribers the option to pause a live program, a service that exists on TSTV’s potential competitor Multichoice. It also has the option to roll-over subscription when its reloaded before the due date which is something Multichoice doesn’t offer at the moment.

On why they hadn’t hit the market before now despite the big launch, Bright Echefu said “On October 1st, 2017, we had our official launch with great expectations but the Pay TV environment was a bit choky. We were able to wriggle our way though they were many challenges to redeem our lost relationship on October 1st.”

TSTV is ready for business as a major player in the pay TV industry. Having studied the market and minds of Nigerians critically, we are creating a model that will benefit all Nigerians.

The Managing Director continued that “We know that most of the channels in a typical subscription  bouquet are not watched, and with this pay per view model, we have broken it down for Nigerians to book their bouquet by getting the channels they want and select the bouquet that suits their demands for as low as N2.00 to N5.00 per day by loading the TSTV vouchers.”

Exactly what we told Nigerians is what we are going to do, why do you have to pay so much to have access to content?”

TSTV has invested heavily in acquiring rights for some major channels in other platforms to be viewed on TSTV at affordable prices.

TSTV Managing Director Bright Echefu also disclosed that based on the new upgrade to its technology and model services is only supported for the new H.265 model decoder, but the old decoder that was released in 2017 will seize operating within the next two weeks. He added that TSTV subscribers could purchase the newly upgraded decoders even though the price will be released on the same day it is launched which is tomorrow the 1st of October. In his final vote of thanks, he acknowledged the Nigerian Federal government and all affinitive agencies for their support during their time of crisis and because Nigerians lover sports, TSTV included the sports for free, especially the top notched football leagues for now.

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