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Twitter CEO Asks Users For What They Would Like To See in 2017. Here Are The Top Replies


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey too to his Twitter account to ask users to make suggestion on what they would like to see on Twitter in 2017. As expected, users replied and here are the top three replies;

An edit button: this comes as Jack Dorsey had to reply Kim Kardashian last year on Twitter when she asked for a similar button. Many think Twitter should have such a button and it may be overdue. Twitter though has argued that it has been slow to implement this button because tweets could be changed after other users may have embedded them on the web. In this regard, it looks like they may only allow users change spellings a few minutes after they’ve been posted.

A bookmark button to easily revisit tweets

Better safety and bully reporting tools: by now you may know that Twitter trued to get itself sold but that hasn’t happened. But Walt Disney which was one of the companies that tried to buy Twitter may have declined because bullying and abuse have largely gone unchecked on Twitter. While Twitter has tried to repair its image in this respect this year by taking down controversial accounts, others argue it has had to wait too long to do this. The best example in this case was that of comedienne Lesley Jones who was racially abused on Twitter. The micro blogging site only stepped in when she threatened to quit.

That said, I think Twitter should also think of a save button as well. Other suggestions on the list include multiple timelines based on interests and improved threading for conversations.

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