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Twitter CFO says Twitter will offer the “feed filter” service pretty soon


At a financial conference, Twitter’s chief financial officer Anthony Noto suggested that the service will offer algorithm-driven curation of feeds much like Facebook does, in order to try and improve the relevance for users

So there you have it.

My take

I have carefully read peoples’ reactions from various websites aroud the globe. There is a vast majority of people who oppose this and with a small minority supporting this. Facebook does this because it feels you should see feeds that matter to you. Some argue that this may not apply to twitter as their feed styles differ from each other in  some ways. The thread system on twitter where a follower of your follower can see your tweets is the main reason some people use twitter. Information as some may argue spreads faster on twitter.

I think the strategy itself makes some tech sense but on the business side, I think this decision may hurt twitter. The more twitter tries to be Facebook, the less it becomes relevant. The company should maintain their features and perhaps build on them rather than trying to be “Facebooky”.

By the way, I think the “discover tab” which a lot of users tend not use often sould be carefully explored and properly marketed to users. Sure the primary feed system can be improved upon, but the basic concept should remain the same.

Twitter should heed the opinions of its millions of users.





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