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Twitter Launches Curator, A Real-Time Search And Filter Tool For Media Organisations


Twitter just launched Curator, a new service that affords media organisations to filter and display tweets and vine videos on any screen in real-time. In a TechCrunch report, Curator was first announced at the News:Rewired conference in London earlier this year but it wasn’t until this week that the service was made available. But starting today, any media organization will now be able to get its hands on the new service, which will make integrating tweets and other content into their TV newscasts, programs, websites or mobile apps quicker and easier.

With Curator, Twitter offers a variety of filtering tools that let publishers and broadcasters create either simple or highly complex queries that can help them drill down on specific content or current trends. For example, a news organization might choose to use the product to show viewer reactions in real-time during their telecast, or a government agency might display a Twitter feed alongside a live-streamed speech.

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