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Twitter Revealed Its Upcoming Payment Feature They Call “Super Follows”


…they are also developing and auto-block features.

Twitter revealed the modification of its platform with distinctive features. The new tweaks include a user’s access to charging his/her followers or fan to view their tweets. Users also get to join diverse groups or communities according to user interests.

Conforming to Twitter, these forthcoming tweaks represent the major features they are adding amongst others. Meanwhile, other social media platforms have successfully attained popularity with Twitter’s new social tool.

Twitter dubbed its payment feature that charges other followers “Super Follows” — this feature grants paid users the access to view “extra content” or “bonus tweets” according to Twitter’s terminology. For contrast, Twitter centred its explanation on its payment feature — significant users charge the least $4.99 monthly to allow access to bonus tweets.

According to the short message microblogging company, its payment feature is a means for content creators or publishers to earn credit for shared content via its social platform. This nice strategy counters Australia’s new content code. Twitter said that its publishers are supposed to get paid directly, in context with the advantage of its payment feature.

Meanwhile, aside from charging other users to promote publishers, Twitter enlisted other upcoming features, including access to subscribe to a newsletter, access to indulge in community groups, and a badge that indicates support based on specific interests.

Over time, social platforms that allow publishers to receive payments for their content have greatly appreciated, further encouraging more content creators’ participation.

For instance, social platforms like Facebook, Patreon, GitHub, and YouTube, have greatly influenced content creators to earn real-time cash by socializing via the internet.

In line with experts familiar with Twitter’s upcoming payment tweak — they believe the short message company has devised another means to generate extra revenue since they have been hinting about another payment feature to its platform. Still, Twitter did not disclose a certain amount for the proposed subscription fee.

Experts believe that Twitter’s new payment feature is a means to manoeuvre Australia’s new content code expected to be emulated by high-ranked regulators such as the US antitrust regulators and the EU.

Twitter also revealed screenshotted mock-ups of the upcoming “community” to feature on its microblogging platform. The group-like features Twitter dubbed “community” are closely related to Facebook’s group functionalities.

Users can join or create groups according to their interests — tweets displayed in groups are strictly in context with a user’s liked Interest.

The group features have been responsive on platforms like Facebook. These groups powered by Facebook have served as a channel to instigate violence while adding positive values in the society, such as promoting fair elections, even the current malady that threatens the world.

Although Twitter is expected to perfectly control its users in terms of such unavoidable matters whereby, they disclosed they are developing a means for users to block ill contents automatically. In contrast, Twitter maintains the status quo of an open-ended service which disrupts users from misbehaving.

While the microblogging CEO addressed Investors and analysts during its presentation, they did not disclose the date they intend to release these new features — they tagged it as “what’s next” in the exhibition.

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