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Uber Announces Self Driving Cars In The US City Of Pittsburgh.


Uber had hinted last month that Uber users in the city of Pittsburgh in the United States would start seeing self-driving cars, though manned (engineers) for now on their streets from this September.

In a Facebook post earlier, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick gave us more insight into it;

In a similar move, the ride hailing company announced a $300m partnership with Volvo to bring self-driving cars closer to commercial use.

But as you might expect, not everyone is happy with this. In one comment for example on the post, someone said the move could put hardworking and loyal drivers who have made Uber’s story a success out of work.

Concerned by the safety of users, US local authorities are constantly coming up with regulations.  

Self- driving cars through the use of cameras, sensor and software are able to navigate their way through streets and even stop at traffic lights. They are also able to sense pedestrians and other road users like cyclists and stop for them at appropriate places like Zebra crossings.

They even have predictive abilities which some have now claimed could make them safer than human drivers because as you know, software doesn’t get tired or even drunk and is reliable long term. Based on already pre-programmed algorithm, sensors study the movements of other road users and uses that judge what someone might do next. Once determined, the software instructs the car to either slow down, move away from the potential hazard or even stop completely.

Uber app for iOS 10 got a big boost yesterday with Siri integration which means users can now tell Siri to get them a cab.

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