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Uber Begins Legal Battle Over Its London Operating License


Uber is ready to battle their London operating license problem in court, as on Friday they went to the court to file for appeal to turn over the decision held in London to strip them of their licence in one of the most important European markets.

Last month, Transport for London (TFL) made a decision that shocked the transport firm by tagging it unfit to run a taxi service and has refused to renew its operating license in the city stating that the ride hailing company’s approach to reporting a criminal offences in the taxi and their lack of adequate background check on its drivers is putting the lives of its users and their citizens at risk.

According to Reuters, a spokesman at Britain’s Judicial Office explained that the appeal filed by Uber, a Silicon Valley giant known for its forays into the transport market across the globe marks the beginning of months of legal battle with the world’s richest cities will be backed by Goldman Sachs and BlackRock which will defend its London business at a hearing most likely will be due on the 11th of December, 2017.

Although Uber was criticised by the London Mayor Sadiq Khan for employing a team of amazing PR experts and lawyers but Uber’s spokesman said is still talking to TFL to find a way forward in order to rectify the situation with ease, also added that “While we have today filed our appeal so that Londoners can continue using our app, we hope to continue having constructive discussions with Transport for London,” and we are determined to more than ever to make things right.”

Earlier this month, Uber was embroiled in a court action as two of their drivers dragged them to court over a tribunal case last year and won giving them an entitlement of their working rights such as minimum wage and also some holiday entitlement , this verdict also threatened the transport company business model.

TFL (Transport for London), on Friday said it will not comment until the court due date and the appeal has been heard, the spokesman of the Mayor, who is also the chairman of TFL said they will continue to back their license decision on the transport firm because all private hire firms in the city must play by the rules of the city and abide by them.

However he added this during his questions and answers session on Friday that they would do all they can also to defend their decision on the Uber during the legal action. He said “The courts now will consider the appeal from Uber and of course TFL will defend the decision they made”.

The legal battle has been drawn between the London transport authority and the American ride hailing form over the latter’s operating license and all we can do now is to wish the parties involved the best of luck.  

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