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Food On Your Doorstep: Uber Plans To Test Food Delivery by Drone


                                                                Source: Fortune.com

Is that simple “push a button and “get food on your doorstep”.

The world’s largest food delivery service, Uber is now planning to launch its network sky high.

According to Bloomberg, Uber has plans to make food deliveries in the future using drones. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that the company is starting the pilot in San Diego as part of a wide-reaching commercial test program.

The drone-testing projects have been given approval for regulations that currently ban their use in the US and this acceptance will be used to help the Federal Aviation Authority draw up suitable laws to govern the use of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for myriad tasks.

“The enthusiastic response to our request for applications demonstrated the many innovative technological and operational solutions already on the horizon,” said US transportation secretary.

North Carolina, one of the states the Transportation Department authorised to conduct drone testing beyond FAA limits, is apparently working with Apple. The Cupertino Company revealed that it will be using drones to capture images of North Carolina with the state’s Department of Transportation.

And now Uber is working on air-taxi technology that will deliver food by drone in San Diego, California.

As part of a new “wide-reaching commercial test program” the federal government just approved for a whole phalanx of tech and delivery giants (Uber, Alphabet, Intel, FedEx, and Qualcomm, too) to conduct in several states. FedEx will use the drones to inspect aircraft at its Tennessee hub and for some package deliveries between the airport and other Memphis locations. Virginia Tech said that theses measure would be used to explore emergency management, package delivery and infrastructure inspection by drone, partnering with Alphabet’s Project Wing, AT&T, Intel, Airbus and Dominion Energy.

The mind-boggling “five minutes” wait time is what Khosrowshahi specifically estimates it being for food delivered via drone (30 minutes applies to orders brought via human courier, which will still need to occur during this test), and he describes the format as essentially “push a button, and get food on your doorstep.”

Khosrowshahi adds that UberEats’ growth has been explosive in its two-and-a-half-year history, but it’d be foolish to expect this part of the company to slow down soon. “Uber can’t just be about cars,” he explains. “It has to be about mobility,” before adding, with almost no context: “It’s my personal belief that a key to solving urban mobility is flying burgers, in any city. We need flying burgers.”

Let’s the sky be filled with flying burgers, pizza,  fries and a long list of ordered meal, all flying above us.. What say you! Amazing huh?

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