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Uber Adds live location sharing and expands its beacon program


The holiday season is here, and to keep up one has to go with the pace of the season, which comes with lots of activities , from planning , shopping , hosting down to celebrating with lots of worries on how to meet up to the demand and how to get going with the season. Uber brings a way more relaxing feature such as sharing live location, expanding its beacon, sending gifts and guest request. All added feature will be use to ease the season stress from the comfort of your Uber Application as reported on the company’s new room.

Live location

The live location helps user mostly in the mall, airport, and other busy location which can be really challenging and hard for Uber driver to find you in the midst of all this, With the live location sharing which can be turned on at any time on the app’s settings , it gives the driver to the exact spot you are without having to go round in circles to find you in your busy location.

Beacon Expansion:

Here is the best part of the added features, heading home after a fun filled but yet tiring night out with friends and having trouble spotting Uber car as quickly as possible, with the live location , the driver can find you but with the beacon you can spot the car from midst a lot of other cars. The beacon, a device that is place on the driver’s windshield to help drivers and riders connect with each other with ease mostly at night in a crowded environment. The device when matched with the rider, the rider can easily change the colour of the device so as to make it glow in order to spot the car properly.

Request for a Guest:

Let’s get an instance, you have a guest coming over for the holiday, and you need a ride for your guest , but you don’t have a car, with the updated request for a guest feature which allows users to call the company for their love one , by just simply tapping on ‘where to’ then click on ‘who is riding’ , your guest or love one will receive an SMS with the trip details like car type, ETA, and the driver contact information which will enable them get in touch if need be.

In-App Gifting:

Forgot a birthday gift, a cake, an anniversary gift, and you are too busy caught up with a lots oof stuff on your ‘to do list ‘and might not have time to run to the store? Okay here is it, with the in app gifting, you can send Uber credit to your friends, or family member from your App by simply just clicking on ‘send a Gift’ then select an amount, enter the recipient details and a customized message and the gift will be sent instantly or later after it has been charged from your Account which was filled in the App.

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