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Uber To End Post-Trip Tracking Of Riders In New Privacy Review


Uber Technology Inc., one if the world most used car service has had series of criticisms over a feature from its app that can track a user’s five minutes after the end of their trip and now it seems some customers find this disturbing and Uber is ready to pull this feature from its app as a way of keeping their customers privacy in check.The company is expected to make the new changes which now allow users share their own location to their friends and family, whenever they like rather than the company’s five minutes tracking feature which the company will be pulling out for security reasons.  The change was rolled out this week and but will first take effect on iOS and then Android.

In an interview, the Chief security officer of Uber Joe Sullivan explained that his team of 500 people are working tirelessly to ensure that customers’ privacy is being protected at all times. He also made mention “We’ve been building through the turmoil and challenges because we already had our mandate,” and that users get to choose if they want Uber to share their location or not share it to anyone.

Uber is committed to making sure that its user privacy is their sole responsibility but previously they have suffered in that area and these new change came two weeks after Uber settled a US Federal Trade Commission a complaint that the company is not protecting its users personal information. Uber agreed to conduct a security audit check every two years for the next 20 years to ensure compliance with FTC requirements.

These changes made by Uber will secure the privacy of its users and give them the chance to share their location with anyone they choose to instead of with everyone.

Uber has a new CEO and it looks like things are going to change there too.

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