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Guest Post Review: uKit Website Builder Advantages And Disadvantages



The world has gone digital in the way businesses are transacted. No matter the nature of the business; no matter the scope of the business; there is a need for a website that will enhance the visibility of the business to the entire world. There are many website builders around today providing service delivery to business owners and big time corporations.

When a survey was conducted among this website builders; one thing is glaringly common to most of them; they are complicated and are not user friendly. The aim of the websites in these category is thereby defeated right from the word go.

uKit is a website builder that comes with a lot of difference. Are you a novice in the internet of things? You have no problems with uKit because it has been programmed from the word go to serve your business interest. It is simplified to serve your interests.




This web builder is incredibly flexible. It is one drag and drop site builder that containing a tool bar with various web design elements and widgets. Whatever you desire to do; it can be easily done by making use of the features that are structured in a lay mans language. For instance, if you desire to create two pages with the same layout and set of blocks, all you will be required to do is to simply use the duplicate page feature.

uKit offers more than merely creating pages and adding elements to them. There are other equally very dynamic features that you can easily do through this web builder all in an effort to get that all round success that you truly deserve in your business endeavors.

If you desire to add a blog to your business interests; you can easily achieve this by clicking on news instead of page when you want to achieve a blog page. You will marvel at what you are able to achieve by a simple punch of the button. You can go on to add a visual material to add life to your blog thereby enhancing the visibility of your blog page.

The essence of an e-store to the success of your business cannot be overemphasized here. With most web builders, this exercise is tedious and time consuming. However, uKit web builder has made such an exercise very easy. There are no technical details involved. It is the easiest and simplest around for now. In about 10 minutes; the e-commerce store for small to mid-sized store can be done with. Their partnership with Ecwid is of great advantage through its huge door of opportunity that has been opened wide.

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In today’s business, people hate time wasters because this world in itself is in a rush to get things done as quickly as possible. The opportunity for live chat makes interactions with clients and business partners easy. There is free flow of information and thorny issues are immediately addressed. When customers are attended to with dispatch, they will return back again to do business with you; it is as simple as that.


SEO is important for every business on the web if indeed you want to make the desired profits. There are millions of business concerns on the web today but only a handle of them are search engine optimized. Your site needs to be optimized for search engine for you to make desired headway in business.

Like it has been stated earlier; even a novice can effectively make use of uKit web builder. In line with efforts aimed at making life easy; there is a promotional tool developed by uKit that will help you analyze your site and inform you immediately it is ready for SEO.

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One glaring disadvantage of uKit web builder is the lack of editing tools. When we place it side by side with most of the web builders around today in this respect; uKit web builder falls short. Though they offer photo and gallery display; but when it comes to adjusting the brightness; rotation and fading options; problems will arise because of the absence of editing tools. This is one area that uKit clearly needs to work on.


The advantages of uKit clearly outweigh its disadvantage. If they can work on that one disadvantage, then they will present to this digital world a perfect web builder in uKit.

By Maxwell Donovan and Bestonlinereviews.com!

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